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Franchisors Win Through Franchisee Education

Imagine your franchise system is a Formula 1 racing team. As a franchisor, you’re the Team Principal, responsible for providing the best car, technology, and resources for success. The franchisees? They’re the drivers. Even with the best racing car, without well-trained drivers, winning the race would be an uphill battle.   The drivers’ skillset, knowledge,… Continue reading Franchisors Win Through Franchisee Education

A new financial year checklist 

As the world continues to adapt and the business community faces some nervousness regarding economic stability, it’s more important than ever for franchisees and franchisors to take proactive measures to prepare for the financial year ahead. It’s always better to be on the front foot and have a clear picture of key business areas –… Continue reading A new financial year checklist 

Recruitment Challenges

The franchising industry is concerned about recruiting new franchisees due to various factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic, economic uncertainty, and changing consumer preferences.   World stability and supply chain difficulties add to number of influences making them even more cautious about investing in new businesses… not to mention the comfort of high employment and… Continue reading Recruitment Challenges

Master Your Time

As a Business Coach, the number one excuse I hear for people not achieving something, is “I had no time.”  I recognise that being a franchise owner can be challenging, and sometimes it’ll feel like you’re wearing 97 hats, whilst being in a constant state of juggle.  The opportunity is to adopt ‘Time Mastery’.

Franchising Trends – Where Are The Emerging Opportunities?

Changing conditions, both economically and socially, create new opportunities. Of course, changing conditions also mean some previously stable sections of the economy lose their value and even their viability.

5 things you must do if you’re heading into a franchise industry you know nothing about

The unique nature of the franchise model, with built in support and an established brand, means that people often use a franchise to make a major career segway or even to jump on a hot trend. Many people have been questioning whether they still get the satisfaction and enjoyment from their work that they should… Continue reading 5 things you must do if you’re heading into a franchise industry you know nothing about

25 things learned over 25 years: A CEO shares his insights

When reaching a milestone of 25 years in business, it is a time of celebration and also reflection. In today’s fickle and competitive business world, it’s no small feat to achieve longevity – and to not just survive over time, but to flourish and continue to grow.

Five mistakes franchise buyers make and how to avoid them

In our business, we regularly meet people who feel frustrated because the franchise they purchased hasn’t gone as well as they expected. The frustration could have been reduced if these people had avoided five common mistakes that overconfident franchise buyers make.

How to spot an undervalued franchise

It’s not often that buying a franchise is described as getting a bargain.  Typically, buying a franchise costs more at first than setting-up an independent business, but  this is usually offset by improved cash flow, faster achievement of breakeven, more effective marketing, rapid operational deployment and reduced risks to the operator due to the training… Continue reading How to spot an undervalued franchise


In both Australia and New Zealand, franchising is growing at a very fast rate.  The results of the 2021 Survey of Franchising in New Zealand confirmed that there are 590 business format franchisors with 32,300 units operating and over 156,000 people employed in business format franchisees.