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A business that makes a difference

When it comes to making a positive impact in workplaces and communities, few franchises can rival TDDA (The Drug Detection Agency). Born out of a desire to create safe environments in 2005, TDDA is now the industry leading drug and alcohol management partner in testing, policy and education across Australasia, completing over 250,000 tests annually.

The company provides health and safety focused services that keep drugs and alcohol out of the workplace. Using a range of testing technologies the company helps business keep employees and other people safe at work, on the roads, and wherever else drug and alcohol risk is present. It provides policy design services to ensure that workplace policies are fit for purpose as well as education sessions for employers and employees. When a company hires TDDA they know the brand is synonymous with high quality testing, exceptional service, and importantly, legal compliance.


The company’s DNA

Founded by Director Kirk Hardy, a former New Zealand Drug Squad Police Detective, the franchise expanded across the Tasman in 2012 and continues to grow with over 300 staff, 65 clinics and 90 mobile clinics. The company, now backed by Healthcare Holdings Ltd, offers aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to be part of a successful business that truly makes a difference.

TDDA prides itself on being straight-up, keeping things straight-forward and doing the job the right way the first time. In a complicated, technical industry it likes to keep it simple and in line with legal requirements. Its head office continually strives for excellence by investing in research, implementing innovative solutions and acting with integrity. TDDA’s focus is creating safe and efficient workplaces, it’s not about catching, punishing or judging people – this is what drives TDDA.

TDDA differentiates itself from its competitors through:

  • End-to-end services: The franchise offers a complete service from policy development to testing (with both fixed and mobile clinics) training and program maintenance using data analysis. This makes TDDA a true partner for clients as they manage risks in their workplace.
  • Accreditation and compliance: TDDA holds ISO17025 accreditation for workplace substance testing in Australia and New Zealand, ensuring operations meet rigorous international standards in quality management and competence. TDDA also partners with accredited labs to ensure results are accurate and can be relied upon should they need to meet a legal challenge.
  • Expertise and Innovation: Commitment and investment into research and development ensures TDDA stays knowledgeable on the latest industry trends and technologies. TDDA has strong relationships that extend across Australasia, the USA, South America and Europe that afford them access to important industry information. This commitment to staying ahead was evidenced by TDDA being the first to both test for synthetic cannabis in Australasia, and to offer drug detection mobile apps. TDDA also ensures Franchise Owners are well-informed and fully understand the industry in its complexity.
  • Electronic Reporting Platform: Our proprietary online platform (Imperans) provides real-time reporting, secure information storage and trend analysis for clients and ensures TDDA businesses operate efficiently and effectively.
  • Flexible, 24/7 Service: Purpose-built mobile clinics ensure clients’ needs are met promptly. This flexibility makes TDDA an attractive testing partner.

Franchisees are confident knowing that they have a simple system and the tools to provide high-quality, unparalleled services.


A structure of support, a network of commitment

With TDDA, Franchise Owners are business owners. We are the only Trans-Tasman drug testing franchise with an ownership model, and it has proven advantageous. The franchise structure is designed to empower franchisees to operate independent but well-supported businesses.

Master Franchisees have the right to operate in specific, mapped out regions, and Franchise Owners operate under the Master Franchisees. Each franchise begins with a Franchise Owner and a mobile clinic (testing van). Franchise Owners are responsible for services, local business development and general operations. Franchise Owners are supported by their Master Franchisee’s team and as their business grows, they can expand by taking on employees and additional mobile clinics.


Relationships built on communication

The best way to support new and existing franchisees, and to evaluate whether TDDA is a good fit for a potential franchisee, is through open communication. Building a relationship through conversations and information sharing allows franchisees to learn, grow, and make informed decisions. New business owners collaboratively develop a business and budget plan. When a franchisee commits to a territory, further training is provided to ensure they feel confident to begin building a successful business.


Being part of team TDDA

TDDA Franchise Owners have the unique opportunity to be part of a network of businesses united by a strong passion for creating positive outcomes in their communities. TDDA attracts like-minded individuals who are drawn to:

  • Proven business model: There is an increasing demand for drug testing in workplaces aligned with health and safety requirements and TDDA has proven to be a viable investment opportunity, growing every year since its inception. This growth has been driven by a superior level of service, commitment to clients and to innovation. In 2022, the number of tests completed by TDDA franchisees equated to just over 550 drug tests every hour of every day that year.
  • Comprehensive training and ongoing support: New franchisees undergo a residential training course in Auckland, where they learn from internal and external experts. Ongoing training and coaching through our unique Franchisee Mentoring Program (FMP) ensures continued success. Marketing and technological support is also supplied by head office.

Franchise Owners are encouraged to participate in the TDDA FMP to collaboratively learn new and different ways to develop their businesses.

  • Territory-based system: We worked with a leading Australian territory analyst and mapping expert (Spectrum Analysis) to map territories into equitable areas that consider industry type and target markets using units of demand. There are a number of defined territories within each Master Franchisees region. This provided us with a conservative performance base for benchmarking.
  • Reduced start-up costs: Franchisees investing in multiple territories benefit from reduced set-up costs.
  • Individual ownership: All franchisees are individual business owners, which promotes commitment and consistency of service for clients.

Being part of TDDA is being part of a supportive franchise where individual business owners are unified by a collective drive to create a positive impact in workplaces and communities all while providing top-tier service.


Supporting franchisee quotes:

Last week, Rod conducted an exceptional meth testing training session for us via Teams. Rod’s ability to explain complex concepts in clear and understandable manner was truly commendable. His use of real-life examples further enhanced our understanding, allowing us to grasp the material with ease. As a result of the training provided by Rod, we now feel confident and prepared to handle meth testing tasks.” – Abel Raj, General Manager Kewdale and Perth CBD, Australia

Too often you are caught up in the “doing” of the business and don’t take time to analyse if you are making the best of opportunities and challenges. To examine and share these with other franchisees means you can showcase your success, brainstorm on your challenges, get some insight into how other manage similar issues and get tips on processes that may work better.” – Bo & Jenny Fox, Franchise Owners, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand