A ‘Business’ that truly makes a difference to Australia


According to the June 2021 Childcare in Australia Report, there were more than 1.3 million Australian children who attended an approved childcare centre in Australia. As the world opens up again and governments, State and Federal, announce new, more generous, childcare initiatives, the demand for Early Childhood Education and Care is only going to increase.

It is an industry that is based on necessity rather than mere preference for two key reasons:


  1. According to the 2016 Australian Census in almost 2/3 of all Australian families, both parents are working. This is a 10% increase in just 15 years and is expected to be higher still when the 2021 census results are released later this year. Of course, it is only possible for both parents to work if they have high-quality childcare available.
  2. As most parents are now acutely aware, research into early childhood development shows that children who attend quality early childhood centres have a huge advantage in the areas of social and emotional development and school readiness – which translates into greater success long-term. In other words, in an increasingly-competitive global employment environment, a good start can make all the difference


MindChamps’ was created to reach and transform the lives of as many children as possible by laying the foundations for what Founder David Chiem and Dean of Research and Program-Development Brian Caswell term ‘The 3 Minds’ – the Champion, Learning and Creative Minds. In their book, The 3-Mind Revolution (2007), they describe the education that children will require in the world of the 21st Century – a world in which change is the only constant.  


“Our mission,” David Chiem shares, “is to create a global gold standard for early learning. As a whole, society tends to concentrate on education in Primary and High School, when in fact, the foundations for enthusiastic life-long learning are laid down at a much younger age. Too many children arrive in Kindergarten already significantly behind, and many of them never catch up. The proper start in the early critical periods of development makes all the difference. 


“Childcare is one of the most rewarding industries you can be involved in as you are able to achieve solid growth and financial stability for your own family, while having a meaningful impact not only on the lives of the children entrusted to your care, but on their whole family.” 


Do I need to be Qualified to own a Franchise?


The Childcare and Early Learning sector is highly-regulated, as it should be. The majority of educators in Early Learning have a diploma or certificate-level training but the government also requires at least one university graduate to manage staff and speak with parents. Other regulations cover health and safety standards as well as educational requirements and place a high premium on children’s welfare and social/emotional development. This is why, for a newcomer to the industry, working under the protective umbrella of an award-winning, established brand like MindChamps is a huge advantage.


Unlike other franchise industries, Early Childhood Education and Care franchisees are charged with looking after and nurturing children on behalf of parents. MindChamps educators globally receive the ChampionGold Standard training and offer a consistent play-based curriculum to ensure their systems are effective worldwide. This means that teachers from one country can easily move to another MindChamps centre anywhere around the world. 


Melbourne Franchise owner Trish Tan was overjoyed by the training she experienced during her MindChamps Leadership Training.


“Being able to learn the craft of leadership from the CEO of a multinational company was not something that I expected as part of a franchisee programme,” she said. “I was looking for a business that is lucrative as well as rewarding and found it with MindChamps.” 


According to the Child Care in Australia Report, children are spending, ​​on average, approximately three days per week in childcare. It is essential, therefore, that this time is spent with qualified people who know what they are doing and who can nurture the social, spiritual, physical, and cognitive development of your child during these important formative years.


As a multi-award winning Early Learning franchisor internationally, MindChamps is committed to ensuring the centre is a success and this commitment is backed by years of experience, research and training. This franchise model and training provides greater flexibility and career development opportunities for all MindChamps educators and centre owners – a model that is essential for the early education sector.

The MindChamps Method – A proven model


MindChamps has been hailed as a global 21st Century Early Education movement as it draws upon over two decades of rigorous research, innovation and growth to lift early education standards. It has also been voted, by parents, as the number one premium preschool brand in Singapore for 7 years consecutively, and Winner of the Franchisor of the year.


As Brian Caswell shares, “Early education sets a foundation for learning fundamental skills such as literacy and numeracy, however it is also the time when a child’s mindset is formed. This is the reason we created the 3-Mind education model – and why we have based our approach on the latest research from the four domains of Education, Psychology, Neuroscience and Theatre.”


By joining the MindChamps global family as a franchisee, centre owners are not only able to tap into market-leading business models and strategies for success, but also the opportunity to reinvigorate their own learning via the company’s education model. 


Becoming a MindChampion


Every infant, toddler and preschooler in every MindChamps centre internationally is being prepared today to face the world in 20 years’ time. The only way this can be achieved is if the entire learning environment is created with the future in mind. For this reason, the Champion Mindset, nurtured in every child who attends a MindChamps centre, is also fostered in the educators and centre owners. 


As David Chiem explains it, “At MindChamps, we believe that education is the profession that creates all other professions and Early Childhood educators have a profound and lifelong impact on the lives of the children they teach. Therefore, skilled educators who are specially trained to engage are incredibly important.” 


The majority of the franchise owners are parents of MindChamps students and have made the change from other industries. They have seen the impact that the company’s teaching and training has had on their children and have become passionate brand ambassadors.


Wollongong Franchisee and mother of three Silvana Moore made the change into the childcare industry from owning a logistics company and has never looked back.


“I had no doubt that MindChamps’ values were aligned with mine – a passion for changing and improving the education system for young children in Australia. I genuinely feel privileged to be part of this movement in Australia and I am so excited for the future of our young MindChamps,” she said.  


Each franchisee owns 100% of their own centre and MindChamps provides the full support by training their educators and staff in the MindChamps way and systems. Each franchisee also gets first hand access and training in all MindChamps proprietary research and unique programs including reading programs and nutrition literacy programs.


To start your journey with MindChamps in the early education sector, visit au.mindchamps.org.