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Air Locker Training

  • Describe your organisation – how long has it been in operation? when did you start franchising? how many franchisees do you currently have?

Air Locker Training was founded in 2019, a first to market health and fitness facility, providing group and individualised training in a simulated altitude training (SAT) environment. 

Combining science with application, Air Locker Training brings a point of difference to a burgeoning industry that encapsulates the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle. Our innovative and technology driven experience is designed to optimise individual performance and enhance results. A training style that was once exclusively reserved for athletes is now available to the masses. 

We began franchising in 2021 and currently have 16 locations open, with a further 50 franchise agreements executed and opening in the near future.  


  • What is your main product/service?

Our main service is simulated, high-altitude group training. Our dynamic and carefully curated programs ensure variety and structure. Our workouts are delivered through visual demonstrations on our TV system, to allow members to understand what the exercise is, and to ensure proper form is practised.

In 2023 we plan to expand further into the Allied Health sector, providing exercise physiology and rehabilitation on an individual basis in altitude.

The proven scientific principles and technology used in simulated altitude training surpass workouts conducted at sea level. Studies around Hypoxic Training (altitude training) have shown multiple benefits, including; burning up to 30% more calories & 300% EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) leading to enhanced weight loss, increased oxygen delivery to tissues, muscles and brain, plus decreased average heart rate, resting heart rate and blood pressure, and more. Air Locker Training optimises your efforts and enhances results, allowing for shorter workouts and better results, in less time. 


  • What type of person would ‘fit’ your franchisee profile?

Air Locker Training Franchise is suitable for a variety of individuals, and provides a unique opportunity to deliver an exclusive, industry first. Our optimised franchise model provides multiple revenue streams, and allows partners to scale their business effectively. Like our training, our franchise program is suitable for all, but specifically for fitness professionals, business enthusiasts, investors, family ventures, and for those seeking a career change. Owning an Air Locker Training allows you to give back to the community and positively impact people’s lives. 


  • Where are your current locations/territories? Where are locations/territories available? 

We currently have locations across Australia, in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales, with locations soon to open in SA and WA. In 2023 we will also be opening in London and California, with further expansion plans into New Zealand and Asia.


  • Why is there a need for this product/service? Why are you different to your competition?

Once only available to athletes, it is now available for the masses. Air Locker Training uses altitude training to optimise your efforts and enhance your results, allowing for shorter workouts, get better results in less time. Our low impact training model is suitable for anyone. We are currently developing our offering to provide more allied health services for those on the path to recovery, and specific training sessions for seniors. 

There are over 50 years of research and proof that demonstrates altitude training as a contributor to:

  • Enhanced weight loss
    • Studies around Hypoxic Training (altitude training) has shown to burn up to 30% more calories & 300% EPOC leading to enhanced weight loss.
  • Enhanced Hypotrophy & muscle gain
    • Resistance Training in Hypoxia (RTH) studies have shown to significantly increase muscular hypertrophy and strength.
  • Increased Capillarization
    • Research indicates that hypoxic training can increase oxygen delivery to tissues, muscles, brain.
  • Enhanced production & rejuvenation of mitochondria
    • Research has proven that consistent exposure to low oxygen environments can increase the production of mitochondria in the body leading to the more efficient use of oxygen in our body and higher energy levels.
  • Decreased average heart rate, resting heart rate & blood pressure
    • Studies show that when exposed to a hypoxic environment consistently, important health markers have shown to stabilized and improve.
  • Enhanced muscle repair, wound healing & injury recovery
    • Clinical studies indicate a faster rate of recovery when exposed to a reduced oxygen environment.


  • How do you look after your franchisees? e.g. what support/training/back up do you offer?

We provide in depth training, support, induction and onboarding for any new franchisee. Ongoing support, revenue generating challenges and expert teams at HQ and also provided. 


  • Plans for new systems/concepts in 2023

In 2023, we partnered with OxiWear to deliver a first-of-its kind wearable oximeter device that measures oxygen levels in the blood. The device will be worn during training and provides haptic vibration on the user’s ear at user-set thresholds. The collaboration with OxiWear will help to provide safer training experiences and improved performance outcomes for our  members.

We’re also delivering a brand new app for both coaches and members to easily book classes, services, deliver schedules and provide best in class education and support.


  • Where do you see the Franchise in the next five years? 

In the next 5 years, I see Air Locker Training with over 600 locations globally, continuing to transform people’s lives and deliver the best technology and experiences.


  • What is your advice for those exploring franchise opportunities? 

My first piece of advice to those who are exploring franchise opportunities, is to try the product or service. If it’s not in your local area, spend plenty of time with the owners to truly understand the why. It’s important to understand the point of difference and conduct plenty of research so you fully understand the financials and the opportunity. 

I also think it’s a great idea to be an early adopter in new technology and services, and would encourage anyone serious in investing to consider this. Finally, be connected to the brand, if you are passionate and determined you will feel fulfilled.


  • How do you motivate your franchisees? 

At ALT we motivate our franchisees by providing in depth support and guidance from the get go. Our extensive support pathway allows our partners to gain the knowledge & skills to excel in the industry from site selection to financial efficiency. We are here to educate you on the path to success, both professionally and personally.

Our investment costs are typically lower than other wellness franchises, and our innovative business model provides multiple auto-renewing revenue streams to allow our partners to scale their business effectively through our Franchisee Success Pathway. 

In addition, intangible factors provide huge motivation, knowing the benefits we are providing to the community and allied health programs. Witnessing your business change lives is truly amazing. 


Roman Brady is an entrepreneur, business owner, fitness enthusiast and father of two. Holding a Bachelor of Engineering & Masters of Business Administration from the University of Newcastle Roman has spent the majority of his career in the resource sector as CEO of a publicly listed gold mining company & Managing Director of a ASX100 logistics and resource management company. Considering Roman’s passion for health and fitness, innovation and business expertise, he founded Air Locker Training in 2019, a first to market concept which is only too fitting for the leader and businessman he is. Roman loves the amazing feeling when you help others, “there really isn’t any better feeling…” To be in a position to bring joy, comfort and aid to others is something he is extremely proud of.