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ANZ Mobile Lending. Providing small business opportunities for passionate individuals.

When you think of franchising, you likely recall names in the fast food or fitness industries. What you may not consider is home lending, not least the franchise opportunity that exists within the ASX-listed ANZ bank.

Founded nineteen years ago with the conviction to help more people save for, buy and own a home, today ANZ Mobile Lending is the only franchising opportunity offered by a major bank in Australia under its main brand.

And for those that think big, the opportunities are there to be grasped. In Australia, in 2023 the market size of the mortgage industry, measured by revenue was $62.8 billion*.

“If you’re a customer-service orientated individual, seeking the autonomy to run your own business whilst benefiting from the recognition of ANZ’s brand and ongoing training and support, then ANZ Mobile Lending could be the franchise opportunity you’ve been waiting for” says Head of ANZ Mobile Lending, Nathalie Hesse.



“Our network of franchisees are driven business leaders who are passionate about delivering outstanding service to their customers. They help customers achieve their home ownership goals, and the model provides them with the opportunity to build their own high performing teams”.

With a network extending to 160 occupied territories across the country, encompassing some 140 business owners and a network of 415 accredited lenders, Nathalie says the opportunity is to continue ANZ Mobile Lending’s growth journey and increase the footprint by filling vacant territories across each Australian state with those individuals that share in ANZ’s growth aspirations.

“We believe we are in the transformation business, converting idea and ambition into reality, that’s why we create opportunities promoting financial wellbeing, and enabling sustainable growth for individuals, businesses and industry. The franchise model truly allows us to realise this, helping our customers, whilst concurrently supporting business-minded individuals with the goal to start, run and grow their own business.”

It would appear that Nathalie’s ambition holds true, and whilst she explains that every story in the franchise network is different, none more compelling than that of ex-schoolteacher Brent Crawford.

Having joined ANZ Mobile Lending 11 years ago, Brent is the Franchise Principal for ANZ Mobile Lending Brisbane CBD and Albany Creek, QLD. As a multi-territory franchise owner, Brent has been driven by the opportunity to continuously invest in team and a passion to drive the best possible outcomes for his customers.

“My journey is a different one. I started in early childhood teaching and then after five years, I made the decision to step into ANZ Mobile Lending. My father was in the franchise, and the potential was evident. I didn’t have a background in banking or finance, but there was no chance I would let that stop me. I don’t think it should stop anyone.”



“I’ve always been passionate about helping people. That passion started helping children with special needs in a teaching environment, and whilst that may feel like a world away from home loans, having genuine care for people translates in business too. An inner passion only makes you more likely to provide an excellent service, and for the customer that translates into a positive experience”.

That service is what keeps customers and their family and their friends coming back. Within ANZ, Mobile Lending franchisees have achieved the highest net promoter score of all divisions within ANZ in the 2023 financial year, which represents the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty as assessed by customers.

“A home loan remains the largest expense in most of our lives, it’s an emotional decision and a complex one, and people do want to talk to someone. They’re looking for guidance from someone that they trust”, says Nathalie.

Mobile Lending franchisees are encouraged and supported to build awareness in their local communities, connecting deeply with customers, and their families resulting in many businesses that have generations of devoted customers.

“One of the things we’re most proud of are the deep relationships we’ve built with our clients. For some, we now support their children with their home loans too. We’re part of the family”, says Brent.

The power of the ANZ brand cannot be overstated in the relationship equation. Paired with the experience delivered by franchisees and their teams, the long-established household name delivers the trust, credibility and familiarity that is a driving force behind this long-term success.



Brent started his business working from home as a sole operator and using that arrangement was able to avoid certain fixed costs involved with operating a commercial premises. However, never one to shy away from a challenge, as his journey over the last 11 years has evolved so too has his operating rhythm.

“I had clarity from the start that I wanted to build something bigger than myself. I had a vision to create a strong team and nurture a positive work environment so I could truly propel myself to be the business owner that I wanted to be”, says Brent.

By 2019, Brent had hired four support staff and set-up a commercial premises in the Brisbane suburb of Aspley. Only two years later Brent became a multi-territory owner, successfully expanding from ownership of the flagship Brisbane CBD territory to also running the Albany Creek franchise.



“It would not have been possible for me to be in the position I am today without the ANZ Mobile Lending team”, says Brent. Brent says the assistance provided by ANZ has been instrumental, supporting him to achieve his goals and create a successful, profitable business.

“It’s an ongoing challenge as a business owner to ensure you’re up to date on products and policy, marketing best practice, legal and regulatory compliance, and guidelines. ANZ provides me with a Lending Specialist, who’s on hand at all times to workshop complex lending transactions. I have my Regional Manager who helps coach me through the complexity of running a business. You have so much support in this model” says Brent.

Nathalie explains that ANZ is consistently ensuring support of the franchise network through investment in training programs, operational support, dedicated Field Team support and in-house Marketing and networking opportunities, “communication and support play a critical role in maintaining a strong reputation across the entire network of franchises. We’re always striving to educate, support and be consistent”, says Nathalie.

‘If you’ve got the drive, ANZ Mobile Lending has one of the best opportunities in Australia to create your own success’’ says Brent.


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