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Aramex Gears Up For Impressive, Sustained Growth

Aramex, the global powerhouse logistics and delivery company, is set to expand its presence in Australia with a growth plan that harnesses the latest technology and innovation. In Queensland, a groundbreaking new development will house the Aramex Brisbane depot, offices and warehouse upon completion in 2024. The state-of-the-art, 26,120 square-metre facility’s mega-site will be the size of more than three-and-a-half rugby league fields.

Ample space for freight sortation and loading, pallet-racking and vehicle entry and exit will streamline the daily operations of more than 120 Courier Franchisees who will operate from the site.

With all eyes on future sustainability, the development will make use of the sun’s energy power, featuring 1,000kW rooftop solar panels.

A strategic location within the Brisbane Airport precinct and connection to major arterial roads will be major pluses for the logistics company and its thousands of customers. They can expect significantly enhanced delivery and logistics capabilities from mid-2024 and well into the future.

Customers will be welcomed to the depot in a specially designed collection zone, staffed by Aramex team members trained in the highest standards of customer service.


Aramex Sydney delivers innovation


The rapid expansion of Aramex in Australia was fuelled by the COVID pandemic and the resulting unprecedented demand for delivery services. As the world returns to a new normal, one in which online shopping and home delivery is here to stay, Aramex has laid out an ambitious plan for continued growth well into the future.

By investing in technology and innovation, the framework has been set for a 300 per cent increase in capacity. A first-to-market new automated sortation system will ensure the business scales up to new heights. It will sort up to 13,000 parcels an hour, a massive increase on the manual sort of 4,500 per hour currently achieved, creating an opportunity to operate at full-capacity 24 hours a day. In short, it’s a game-changer, an innovation that will allow growth in volume without increasing costs.


Courier franchise partners to benefit


Efficiencies and time-saving initiatives translate to increased capacity, profits or hours in the day for Aramex Courier Franchisees.

Typically, the franchisees visit the depot and distribution centre twice each day. Once in the morning to collect parcels for delivery that day, and again in the afternoon to drop off parcels they have collected on their rounds to be on-delivered.

The new sortation system will save them time through mechanisation, time that can be spent building up their business. Customers, receivers, staff and franchisees will all benefit from the enhanced accuracy and speed of the new system. More accurate
sorting means accurate deliveries. For example, if the parcel’s barcode is damaged or incomplete, the machine will default to reading the address on the label.

The Aramex online customer portal, myFastway, already integrates seamlessly with many online shopping carts, including eBay and Shopify. The new automation will allow users to track freight more accurately and import addresses. Within the myFastway portal, unique API codes (an application programming interface) will be assigned
that capture address and bar-code information.


An industry and a network on the rise


Aramex is already on the radar of many potential franchisees who are ready to put themselves in the driver’s seat of success. There are
currently 120 Courier Franchisees in the Sydney metropolitan region reaping the benefits of being part of a global brand in demand. Through innovation and improved efficiencies of the new automated systems, there is vast potential for substantial growth of the franchise partner network.