Founded in Malaysia in 2006, PappaRich was launched in Australia in 2012, with a vision to create a modern version of the traditional coffee shops in Malaysia with a unique, modern twist.

Now the largest Malaysian franchise brand in Australia, with 30 stores Australia wide and growing, we caught up with the General Manager of PappaRich, Jian Hui Lee, to discover some of the reasons behind the continued
growth and success of this popular franchise chain.

What can diners expect when they visit a PappaRich store?

Apart from great ambience and service, we want to give our customers a taste of authentic Malaysian culture and cuisine, whether through a plate of our national dish Nasi Lemak, a crunchy, buttery Roti Canai, our signature satay chicken skewers, and lots more exciting flavoursome dishes. When it comes to completing their meal, most of our customers will order our famous Teh Tarik. Also known as milk tea, it is our number one selling drink.

What is it about Malaysian food that resonates with the Australian market?

Malaysian food is a combination of Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisine. It’s not too strong, not too spicy but it’s packed full of flavour. Unlike Thai and Indian cuisine, Malaysian food has been perhaps less well advertised
and marketed in Australia, but it is becoming increasingly popular.

What is the meaning behind the name PappaRich?

This is a question we are asked often. The founder had children of his own, he decided he wanted to be a good father figure and provide a better life for his family. So, he created a restaurant combining the word father (pappa) and rich because he wanted them to be rich, not necessarily in wealth but in family, love and beliefs.

Do you need to come from a hospitality background to buy a PappaRich franchise?

Absolutely not. We provide all the training and give you all the support you will need throughout the journey. As long as you have good business sense, we can help you with the rest.

What type of person/business owner does PappaRich appeal to?

PappaRich will appeal to both potential firsttime business owner who want to learn the ropes of hospitality and understand the entire process as well as a multi-unit franchisee who is experienced and wants to diversify their

What does the training involve?

Our training lasts between three to four weeks. We go through all aspects of the business, from the kitchen process, customer service, ordering, hiring staff, rostering and even cleaning. We are available as the franchisee needs us and also have dedicated times to cover things like how the business is going, where they need help, areas they might be struggling with.

What are some of the main points of difference at PappaRich, in terms of how it stands out from other franchise businesses?

Our franchisee can rest assured they will be involved in each stage of the process, from initial discussion to store opening. We always provide the franchisee as much information as we can. It begins with the lease agreement.
Often franchisees are left to liaise with landlords themselves. However, with our system, everyone has access to head office who will represent them. Whether it’s negotiating rent or renewing a lease, we are always there to
assist. Transparency in our business model is also key and our franchisees will always have the final say when it comes to deciding on a location.

We have a central kitchen who produce our paste and sauces to keep costs lower and when it comes to suppliers, if the franchisee finds a better supplier with better pricing than who we recommend, they are entitled to purchase from their suppliers directly. We go way above the norm and our focus is on the franchisee’s journey and experience. The excitement of the first day of opening is merely the beginning of the franchisee’s journey. The franchise business we build must have soul, as we will not only serve our franchisee but the community around them.

Other key points to consider

• Any contributions negotiated will be 100% passed back to franchisee
• The franchisee will be provided with a detailed establishment budget and often there will be additional savings
• Online access to SOP and marketing materials
• We guide the franchisee and provide advice if a loan is needed as we have connections to financial institutions to obtain the best rates with lower risks

What type of business models do you offer?

While many franchise brands offer one model, we have three, which is another one of our key differences. Choose from full-scale dining or mid-scale, which includes a 100-150sq m space and a more limited menu offering top selling items. The university concept model is more compact, up to 50sq m floor space with a self-ordering kiosk. This is a business model we want to grow in the future as it is environmentally friendly.

What are the plans for PappaRich over the next five years?

Over the years we have improved the return on investment for our franchisees. In the future we are looking to expand to universities, train stations, airports, and regional areas. We invest heavily in technology, which is the key to being successful in the future. Our investment will go back into the business, as we want to improve the overall business model to ensure continued success and growth in the Australian market.

How has Covid affected business? Is now the right time to open franchise?

This is the best time to open a franchise. This is due to the fact that investment is lower as rent and contribution can be negotiated. We understand these are tough times, but tough times won’t last, we will. As a head office we will work out different options to meet franchisee’s target. In fact, during the pandemic last year we opened four stores around the country and we are looking at opening another three or four next year.

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