Centre Stage Dance Wear  (CSD) has been in operation for over 20 years with franchises offered throughout Australia and New Zealand. CSD are now offering the opportunity to franchise their pop up shops to you, there has never been a better time to put on your dancing shoes and grab this opportunity.  

Business Franchise Australia/NewZealand caught up with Centre Stage Dance Wear’s Kassandra Stewart to talk about the benefits of becoming part of the CSD team.

Kassandra tells us about your franchise.

CSD is a stand out franchise,  the reason being is simple, we supply all local dance schools and the community  in the area with stock from multiple brands like Energetic, Studio 7, Blocks and Capezio.  We cater to more than just one brand which means we are a one-stop shop for all  our customers Dance Wear needs, our competitors cannot offer all brands to their customers like we do    which gives CSD the leading edge.  

What is your main product/service?

Centre State Dance Wear’s main product is definitely dance shoes!  Dance Shoes will give you the right amount of traction to move around the floor and practice your dance skills. We fit the ‘foot to the shoe’ not the “shoe to the foot.  CSD caters for all ages and we have a great range to choose from.

What type of person would ‘fit’ your franchisee profile?

Centre Stage Dance Wear is looking for people who have energy, that are self motivated, want to interact and communicate and be part of their community and can work with people from all cultures.  If you are looking to work for yourself, be your own boss then jump on in and grab this opportunity. The CSD family can show you how you can go from a 9-5 repetitive job, to feeling inspired and working part time hours, bringing in more financially, hence giving you more freedom to live and love what you are doing and building resilience with a brand that will also become like family. 

Where are your current locations and Plans for 2022?

Centre Stage Dance Wear has franchises across NSW and are very excited to branch out in 2022 and offer their franchises across Australia and New Zealand. We are branching out nationwide to grow the franchise part of the business and we are working on new avenues to go down, eg, break into different genres.  CSD currently offers tap, ballet and hip hop, but we want to start offering different genres like ballroom and contemporary dance.


How do you look after your franchisees? e.g. what support/training/back up do you offer?

We supply it all, we offer our franchisees full training along with advertising material and $20,000 in retail to get you started.  CSD also offers 24/7 availability to discuss training, we meet face to face with all our franchisees as a group to bounce ideas off each other and offer support and connection through each other’s franchise. Offering better communication to our franchisees gives them increased productivity, improves morale and increases creativity and motivation.

Where do you see the Franchise in the next five years?

I would like to see CSD become the franchise everyone is talking about in the DanceWorld.  So you will find us anywhere when you think of Dance Wear Supplies, accessible to all of Australia and New Zealand.  We want to do more for each community as well by raising funds through CSD and offering our support as a business to the community.

What is your advice for those exploring franchise opportunities?

Look into the benefits of owning your own franchise.  Take the leap!  The benefits definitely out-way working 9-5pm in a field you have no passion or desire to be in.   Back yourself and we will be there with you, give yourself that boost and remember what you do and how you work your children see. Let them see you strive and enjoy your job and in turn you will provide them with the confidence to follow their dreams when their time comes.

To sum it all up CSD is offering you an opportunity to thrive running your own business along with inspiring children to learn great skills and fitness. CSD can offer mums, dads, single parents, grandparents the opportunity to start a business that will offer great financial support for their family and the time to attend their children’s activities while operating their business hours around their families.  We are keeping families together and children active and confident.  How could you not love what you do if you become part of our CSD Family.