In an ever-changing world, some things never change. Like the delight on children’s faces when they are treated to an ice cream on an outing with their parents. For 50 years Dairy Bell has been creating these delights and kids everywhere grow up with happy memories of ice cream treats. 

Today, this tradition continues. Dairy Bell ice cream is as popular now as it was a generation or two ago. And in keeping with the changing retailing environment, Dairy Bell is returning to high street shopping centres with a fresh and vibrant remake of the classic ice cream parlour. As the post-pandemic world re-starts, Dairy Bell is on a mission to open brand new ice cream shops in high traffic retail precincts across the city. 

Dairy Bell managing director, Sam Fisicaro, describes his vision as follows. “We want to bring back the ice creamery tradition; to see the delight as we pass a bright and colourful ice cream across the counter to excited children. To welcome customers who come in for an after-lunch dessert in the afternoon, and to send people home with an ice cream tub for the family to share.

“We are very excited about the future, and we have a business plan to deliver it. Dairy Bell’s new retail expansion plans include franchising its high street locations and re-vamping its product and service offering to appeal to customers everywhere.

“In addition to a fresh new in-store experience, we are gearing up to match people’s expectations,” says Sam. “We see more and more people shopping on-line so we are introducing an efficient and fast ordering system that links in with the popular food delivery services, like Uber Eats.”

But there’s more to the Dairy Bell franchise experience than just changing delivery patterns. Dairy Bell has built its reputation on its most popular flavours, and these continue to be the backbone of its stores.

“We know there is increasing demand for alternatives,” says Sam. “Not everyone wants dairy products. So, to keep pace with evolving trends, Dairy Bell now offers a range of vegan ice creams but retaining the essence of our unique flavours.”

Dairy Bell franchisees too, are in for a treat! By offering new store outlets as franchises, people wanting to own a business of their own now have a perfect opportunity to combine self-employment with a recognised and respected Aussie brand icon.

Dairy Bell franchises come with a researched and carefully chosen location, and a premises lease that’s been negotiated and secured by the company. The franchisee takes over a brand-new shop that is fully fitted out with Dairy Bell décor and in-store equipment, including the latest Point-of-Sale systems. Centralising the ordering, deliveries and daily trading operations allows franchisees to concentrate on that all-important customer service, ensuring the Dairy Bell tradition of delighting customers by creating memories, continues. 

Dairy Bell franchises represent the ideal family business. Sam explains, “We align our trading hours with our customer’s expectations, and this means an owner-operator franchisee based on a family is an ideal situation. A husband-wife team, possibly with teenage children, or perhaps hiring casual staff to balance out the week, makes for a very family-friendly small business. 

“We see a bright future for customer-oriented retailing, and we have re-cast our business model to capture the best of this. We welcome expressions of interest from motivated people looking for a move into their own business by becoming a Dairy Bell franchisee.”

For more information about franchise opportunities with Dairy Bell, contact the company’s franchise marketing consultants:

Colin Crawford

National Franchise Manager

Wollermann Franchise Developments

0425 838 800