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Dreaming of running your own high-income business

Dreaming of running your own high-income business, but with the time and freedom to enjoy life? With a MyHome management franchise, you can do just that.

Owning your own business comes with a minefield of detail and challenges which mean you can easily end up with a business that ‘owns’ you, rather than the other way around.

A business like that is all consuming and can quickly take over your life, leaving you with little time or energy to enjoy life even when (and if) your business is financially successful.

When it comes to business ownership, MyHome stands out as a ground-breaking opportunity offering a meticulously systemised and digitally-led management franchise specifically designed to give you time for the things that matter most.



A remarkable turnkey business, built with 21st century technology…

MyHome believe that a good business works for you, rather than you working for it!

Which is why they’ve invested the last 15 years creating, testing, developing and operating an ordinary business so that it works in an extraordinary way. 

At the heart of this are their many unique business systems which combine to optimise the performance and ease of operation of every aspect of a premium home services business.

These tried and tested systems give you very best chance of building a profitable business that will give you long-term security and more time for the things that matter most. 



Earn a six-figure income running a business from your phone…

MyHome have spent years developing what they believe is the ideal business – a business that is built around you and your lifestyle, and is designed to help you achieve your aspirations and goals.

By prioritising digital solutions, MyHome Owners can run much of their business from a mobile or tablet. 



MyHome’s three key digital systems are…

MyHome Central – MyHome’s comprehensive digital training and support hub. This includes everything from induction and training, to manuals, training videos and much more.

MyHome App – the MyHome App covers all the day-to-day operations, managing the team, managing the money, banking – all handled from the App on a tablet or smartphone.

MyHome Hire & Inspire – using cutting edge AI, a large part of the hiring process is managed by MyHome’s digital recruitment system.

These digital solutions, along with their other systems, allow MyHome Owners the flexibility and freedom to run a successful business whilst still having time to enjoy their life.



A home services management franchise with a difference…

A key difference between MyHome and many other home service franchise businesses is that MyHome Owners are not cleaners. 

They are people looking for an opportunity to build and own their own business, but they don’t want to be on their own. 

They have the skills, motivation and ambition to run a successful business but don’t want to start from scratch.

They value working in a professional environment, with a strong brand, and appreciate the high levels of structure and support they get by partnering with MyHome. 

They’re someone who can successfully lead their own team while following the proven MyHome system and working closely with the wider MyHome team. 

MyHome Owners are busy – but they also have time for family, to take regular three-day weekends and to enjoy life.



Some of the key qualities that make a great MyHome Owner are…

  • A great people person
  • Work well with others as part of a motivated team
  • Enjoy building, supervising and leading your own team
  • Passionate about great customer service
  • Comfortable with technology, numbers and reporting
  • Great at working systems and following proven processes
  • Love getting out there and making it happen
  • Appreciate a healthy work/life balance
  • Want to build a business that becomes a saleable asset


Consistency is key…

Even the most brilliantly run business can’t succeed unless the service they provide consistently meets and exceeds expectations.

MyHome’s unique Tri-colour™ Cleaning System splits the customer’s house into colour-coded zones, Blue, Green and Red, each of which are allocated their own cleaning processes and products to provide a consistent, high-quality service.

By training team members to follow the Tri-colour™ process, MyHome Owners don’t even need to hire experienced cleaners – just reliable people who can follow the system and will take pride in the premium quality of their work. 

Meaning MyHome Owners can focus on growing their business, knowing that their teams are delivering a customer experience that consistently meets, or better yet exceeds, expectations.



Carve out your slice of the thriving 1.1 billion dollar home services market…

According to the 2023 industry spotlight report by IBISWorld, the residential cleaning services sector in Australia is worth over 1.1 billion dollars in annual sales.

For many households, buying in professional home services is no longer seen as a luxury but a necessity. This includes busy professionals and families who prefer to spend their free time doing more of the things they love rather than household chores.

MyHome is a leading brand in the premium home services sector, and with the sector thriving, and more people appreciating a high level of service at home to ease the pressures of their busy lives, there’s never been a better time to get involved.



Discover more…

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