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Durk’s Cafe + Eatery joins forces with Ampol to feed hungry travellers

Durk’s Cafe + Eatery, an Australian cafe brand known for its commitment to nutritious food, has expanded into the travel centre sector, marking a significant strategic move for the emerging brand. Despite its relative youth, Durk’s has demonstrated remarkable versatility by establishing a total of five locations in 12 months, encompassing two inline stores, a kiosk, and, most notably, two new dining hall travel centre sites within Ampol’s state-of-the-art travel centres along the Southbound and Northbound stretches of the Hume Highway, Pheasants Nest – just south of Sydney. 


Gary Blyton, General Manager and Co-Franchisor of Durk’s Cafe + Eatery, comments: “The two new locations are a welcome addition and were not part of our overall plan but we are now glad that they are. We were approached by Ampol because they were looking for something a little different. Many travellers, including truck drivers, these days are looking for something a bit healthier and in some cases with a home made element to it rather than just ‘fast food’. Our team was tasked with developing a version of our menu that would cater to this modern day traveller whilst also able to be operationally effective in this type of location. Over 40,000 vehicles per day use the Hume Highway so for us it was a great opportunity. Now that these sites are operating above expectations we will make them available to potential franchisees. We have several other new locations planned for NSW so it’s certainly exciting times ahead.” 


With a rich history deeply rooted in hospitality and franchising, across several successful food ventures, Durk’s Cafe + Eatery are thrilled to channel this wealth of experience into the dynamic cafe sector.


Nathan Wood, Marketing Manager of Durk’s Cafe + Eatery comments: “Navigating the highway can be a tiring experience, and finding nutritious food options can be a real challenge. That’s where Durk’s Cafe + Eatery steps in. We are thrilled to bring our 

unique cafe concept to the Hume Highway Ampol Travel Centres in Pheasants Nest, making it easier for commuters to enjoy delicious meals that are both satisfying and good for you. We’re not just a cafe; we’re a destination for those seeking a better way to dine on the go.”.


Durk’s Cafe + Eatery is a 100% Australian owned and operated cafe franchise dedicated to providing high-quality, nutritious meals. With a focus on offering a healthier alternative, Durk’s Cafe + Eatery is operated by highly experienced hospitality franchisors who’ve been in the Australian market for more than 20 years. For more information, please visit