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Ella Baché finds silver lining despite recent challenges

It’s no secret the world has undergone a huge shift from the traditional ways of doing business since the Covid
pandemic hit in 2020.

However, there are always silver linings to celebrate. The pandemic has also demonstrated just how resilient businesses have become by thinking outside the square and using the wonders of technology to deliver their services in a digital platform. We caught up with CEO of Ella Baché, Pippa Hallas, to discover how this successful business has remained at the forefront of their industry despite the challenges the last two years have presented.

With COVID impacting businesses across the world, how has Ella Baché been affected?

The year 2021, just like 2020, was a year that I know for certain none of us will forget – it has been a time for growth and acceptance, a time where we have all been pushed outside of our comfort zones. When COVID hit, I
knew to not only survive, but thrive, it was time to pivot the brand, we simply had no choice – physically closing the doors to over 120 Ella Baché salons across Australia saw us dive headfirst into a new way of thinking.

With re-adaptation at the forefront of our minds we rolled out our all-new digital platform, designed for our therapists to connect with customers, allowing them the ability to perform expert skin consultations, whilst providing skincare tips and tricks… all from the comfort of their own homes.

With a focus on growth, we also used this time to educate all our therapists and college students, our online platform not only provided them a source of connection but also many members from our HQ. We also celebrated many college students graduating, more so than we have in previous years. Fast forward to now, we are happy that the end is in sight and we are excited to welcome new franchisees and open new salons going
forward. We will continue to also offer flexibility with our virtual salons readily available for all consumers. If anything, this pandemic has taught us that it is imperative for brands to pivot and re-adjust – and in my mind, access to great skincare and expert knowledge should be readily accessible, anywhere!

In terms of business and growth, how has Ella Baché pivoted?

As far as business is concerned, our traditional channels have taken a major hit, but the silver lining is seeing our
digital channels taking off – with trade being governed by state restrictions across Australia we have learnt to become very adaptable. When it comes to growth, there is nothing more satisfying than watching our Ella Baché community pivot their small businesses to handle current times. With the roll out of our virtual salons in 2020, our therapists and business owners jumped on board and were readily available to offer services virtually.

Can you please tell us a little bit more about your virtual salons?

Our virtual salon came to life when COVID hit in 2020 The idea was born when we noticed gaps in the market emerging – our clientele was still after great skincare and expert advice, it also allowed our Ella Baché community alongside our therapists and franchise owners the ability to connect. With the flexibility and needs of our customers changing we will continue to connect virtually, but it is great to see our salons well and truly bustling with clients that are eager for some well-deserved indulgence in salon!

Since going virtual, how has Ella Baché managed their online community?

Since going virtual, we looked at the silver linings and took the view that it was a time to give – our way of giving was to educate and connect into our community. So, over the last two years we have invested our time into training and educating our therapists – shifting not only our focus, but theirs, on connecting with their clients on social media and virtual salons. Watching their confidence grow as they navigated the digital work was amazing – and I know our loyal Ella Baché customers have loved learning new ways to care for their skin. Pandemic
or not, self-care and ten minutes of me time each day is key!

Speaking of silver linings, what positives have you gained during the pandemic?

It is so important to try and find the silver linings – something we are incredibly proud of is the time we have spent investing in our digital platforms. Technology comes in so many forms and we have innovated our ways of communication, education, booking services, product purchasing and work. We have also launched some amazing new high performance skin care products and treatments- such as Retinol serum and treatment mask, Botanical hand washes and oils. A- beauty or Australian beauty is really in demand because of the quality and
trusted ingredients we have available to us because our R and D and Manufacturing is done here in Sydney. It has been a blessing – In short – the silver lining has been the creativity and innovation on our local shores.

Lastly, what beauty treatments do you think will be the most sought after now salons are opening back up?

Here at Ella Baché HQ, we are so excited to be able to indulge in a results-driven facial followed by LED or MICRO. Our clientele is after some serious post lockdown radiance, and thankfully we have the perfect individualised products, treatments, and services for them. As far as consumer trends go – I think there will be a demand for everything, from beauty, brows, hair removal, tanning to skin care treatments.

Our clients can’t wait to come back in, and we welcome them with open arms. To have their support has been so humbling and wonderful.

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