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Female franchisees are flourishing at Craveable Brands

The world of franchising has witnessed remarkable growth and transformation over the years, with an increasing number of women entrepreneurs stepping into the spotlight. Craveable Brands, a prominent player in the franchise industry, stands as a shining example of how female franchisees are thriving in the business.

Craveable Brands is a franchisor that owns four iconic Australian food brands; Red Rooster, Oporto, Chicken Treat and Chargrill Charlies. They support over 400 small business owners, operating 600+ restaurants. In this article, we explore the inspiring stories of three exceptional women: Vanessa Deeb from Red Rooster, Hana Kaur from Oporto, and Danielle Reece from Chicken Treat. These women’s journeys exemplify the potential and achievements of female franchisees at Craveable Brands.


Vanessa Deeb: Empowering Women through Red Rooster


Vanessa got her start working as a cashier at Red Rooster when she was only 16 years old. With the support of her management team and colleagues, she was able to rise through the ranks and purchased her very own Red Rooster restaurant within eight years. It was a full-circle moment for Vanessa. “I chose to become a Red Rooster franchisee because they believed in me when no one else did,” says Vanessa. 

Vanessa relishes the opportunity to lead by example and inspire a sense of passion within her team. “I’m an owner that isn’t afraid to get stuck in and help my staff when they need it most,” she shares. “As a leader, I am patient, logical, dedicated and resilient.” 

Vanessa’s business is flourishing today. “I am constantly aiming and striving to be better,” she says. “Nothing happens overnight but if you’re consistent, you’ll reach success.”

As a strong businesswoman, Vanessa has experienced first-hand the challenges that women in leadership often face. “It’s often a male-dominated space and it can be hard to feel heard,” she says. “But with the right support, anything is possible.” 

Owning her own business has been life-changing for Vanessa. It has enabled her to find a healthy work-life balance and spend quality time with her friends and family. 


Hana Kaur: Breaking Barriers at Oporto


With her strong business acumen and passion for the brand, Hana has successfully steered her Oporto franchise to success. Her dedication to customer satisfaction, coupled with her ability to build a highly motivated team, has earned her a loyal customer base and a solid reputation within the industry.

Before joining Oporto as a franchisee, Hana had a multifaceted career which began in the workforce as a cleaner, before moving into hospitality. She knew the hospitality industry was right where she belonged. Gaining as much experience as possible, Hana worked in cafes, restaurants and kitchens across Melbourne.  Then, she joined Oporto as a team member. With her devotion to customer service and quality, she was quickly promoted to shift supervisor at the busy T4 Melbourne Airport restaurant. 

Working at the bustling location inspired Hana to buy her own franchise. “Oporto is a great brand,” says Hana. “I already had experience working and running a store, and I’d always wanted to have my own business. It felt like the perfect fit.”

Ever since opening her store, Hana has felt an unrivalled level of freedom. As a mum, the added flexibility has come in handy. She attributes her success to the hands-on support from Craveable Brands. “They have been very supportive every step of the way,” she says. “If I’m ever going through a rough time either personally or professionally, I know I can rely on their support.”

After her years in hospitality, Hana places great emphasis on being a good leader. “A true leader is someone who leads by example to achieve and exceed business targets. At the same time, they uphold the standards of the brand,” Hana explains. 

Hana says that becoming a franchisee has changed her life. She’s quick to encourage other women to find out whether owning a business is suitable for them. “If you’re looking for freedom and want to make your own money, this is the path to follow,” Hana shares. Her advice if you’re ready to take the next step? “Dream, work hard and live your ideal life.” 


Danielle Reece: Thriving with Chicken Treat


Danielle Reece, a determined and successful businesswoman, has made her mark as a franchisee at Chicken Treat. Danielle’s journey is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and ability to inspire those around her.

Having started her career at McDonald’s at the age of 14, Danielle quickly found her passion for the fast-paced teamwork environment. Soon after, she joined Chicken Treat and showcased her determination, leading to promotions as a supervisor and later an assistant manager.

When the opportunity to own their own Chicken Treat store in Jandakot, WA, arose, Danielle and her husband seized the chance. Within a year of owning their store, they achieved an astounding 60 percent sales growth. Today, they proudly own four stores.

Danielle attributes her success to the support of her husband and dedicated team. By working alongside her team, Danielle sets a powerful example that earns the respect of her employees. “Leading a team to success takes patience and a lot of development,” Dani shares. “After starting with one store and moving to four, we quickly learnt we couldn’t do everything ourselves. By aiding our team and equipping them with the skills required we are able to have far more success than trying to do it on our own.”

Danielle highlights the benefits of becoming a business owner, particularly the security it provides for the future. With the flexibility to work around their family, Danielle and her husband are prepared for the day they decide to have children.

Craveable Brands is leading the way in championing gender diversity and providing opportunities for women to excel in franchising. Through their commitment to empowering women, the company paves the way for a future where female franchisees continue to make significant contributions and shape the industry.