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Starting off as a one-man operation in Melbourne in 2001, Graysons Gutter Guard – a gutter guard installation and gutter cleaning business – is now reaching new heights. We spoke with company founder Grayson O’Connor about becoming a franchisor and opportunities for new franchisees.


Grayson, firstly congratulations on 20 years in business! Tell us about the service you provide.

I started my gutter guard installation and gutter cleaning business in 2001 and we are starting franchising now in 2021. This December 4th, we will be celebrating 20 years in business! We currently have four company owned outlets (locations). Our main products are gutter guards and bird-proofing products, mainly for roofs, repair and cleaning out of existing gutter guards.


What prompted you to make the move to franchising your brand?

We have been preparing for franchising for many years as we could see the need for more dedicated partners to provide our clients with quality service.


Why is there a need for this service and how are you different to your competition? 

Gutter cleaning is an essential service because blocked gutters are dangerous for your home. We have a wider range of gutter guard products than our competitors and we own some of Australia’s iconic trademarked gutter guard brands, like our exclusive Triple-G® product and Leafbusters®. We have multiple gutter guard websites that generate leads and we own the industry phone number 1800 GUTTER and 1300 GUTTER.


Where are your current locations/territories and what type of person would make an ideal franchisee? 

Our current locations are in Victoria, including Hawthorn, Box Hill North, Geelong and Cheltenham. Some of the available territories are Mornington Peninsula, Lilydale/Yarra ranges area and the Ballarat region.

Our ideal franchisees are located in Melbourne, Geelong or Mornington Peninsula and are motivated and seeking a mobile business or a career change that will challenge them.

Applicants must:

  • be keen to learn
  • appreciate controlled, efficient systems
  • have a strong work ethic
  • ready to put in their all.


How do you look after your franchisees, e.g. what support/training/back-up do you offer?

Our staff love doing what they do and get great satisfaction in seeing gutters unblocked and freeflowing – as roof gutters should!

With a Grayson’s franchise you will benefit from our comprehensive training and support in how to run a gutter cleaning and gutter guard business. Training is offered in-house and via our online operations manual that can be accessed on-the-go.


The benefits of becoming a Graysons Gutter Guard franchisee:

  • Joining a proven business model.
  • Becoming a licensed installer of our iconic gutter guard brands, including Leafbusters® and our exclusive product, Triple-G®.
  • Being part of a recognisable brand with an easy-to-remember central 1800 GUTTER phone line.
  • Working with a dedicated supply of the very best gutter guard products.
  • Access to our cloud-based operations manual on-the-go.
  • Knowledge and training in the right equipment and know-how.
  • Freedom to work outdoors.
  • Ability to carry on business during COVID lockdowns.
  • Fixed royalty fees with a capped limit.


Find out more about Graysons Gutter Guards or call 1800 GUTTER so we can discuss your goals.

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