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After 30 years working in the franchise sector at senior levels both as a Franchisor, Franchisee and Master Franchisor, Doug Downer started the Award-winning franchise consulting brand called Franchise Ready. 

Doug has been recognised in the top 30 Franchise Executives in Australia in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 and was recognised in the SEO Samba Top 100 Global influencers in Franchising in 2022.

Franchise Ready has helped create, develop and grow over 100 Australian brands, improving their systems, processes and documentation to enable them to grow through a licensed or Franchise model. On average the businesses we have worked with have grown by over 200% annually.

The Franchise Ready business has grown substantially in the past two years offering additional services to the franchise sector in Australia and New Zealand, becoming a one stop shop for everything that a franchisor or aspiring franchisor may need.

The team has grown to ten full-time employees and eight contractors, and we are actively recruiting to further strengthen the team. Collectively our team has over 200 years of franchising experience, we have been franchisees, Master franchisees, Franchisors, and members of senior franchise executive teams.

Franchise Ready operates a number of franchised businesses (currently 6) so we know what it’s like at the coal face, we do what franchisees and franchisors do, every day, this keeps us connected to our clients and gives us a strong understanding of the marketplace. 

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the talk!

We believe in and are massive advocates of franchising as a way to do business.

In 2021 we started our own franchising journey by licensing the Franchise Ready brand and had two licensees operating, one in Adelaide and a licensee in New Zealand looking after the whole country, In 2022 we have now franchised the Franchise Ready business and we are now looking for franchise partners in other international markets such as the USA, UK, Europe and Asia.


We launched and supported over 30 franchise brands in 2021 and we are on track to launch over 40 brands in 2022 in Australia alone. We have entered international markets and have developed four businesses in New Zealand with plans to bring those brands to Australia and to take Australian brands to New Zealand.


Franchise Ready exhibits at every franchise show in Australia and will be exhibiting globally in USA, Europe and Asia in 2022 with the goal to find International Franchise partners who will license the Franchise Ready model. This is the perfect model for existing franchise executives and aspiring consultants to create their own franchising consultancy by leveraging the Franchise Ready brand and established processes and business model. 


This international growth will enable Australian brands to enter international markets and for Franchise Ready to bring international brands to Australia, in fact we are already in advanced discussions with multiple international brands.


We are a full-service consultancy offering a one stop shop for brands that want to scale and grow.


We work with our clients to develop their business growth strategy by completing a feasibility report that includes territory mapping based on Socio-demographic data, franchisee and franchisor financial modelling and the creation of all the tools they need to grow their business and brands, we’re confident our programs rival the best in the World.


We support all of our clients by including a 3-, 6- or 12-month support program which includes monthly mentoring and strategic face to face sessions and mastermind group meetings where we bring emerging and experienced franchisors together to learn from each other. We don’t just consult or create tools we become a part of our client’s 

business, part of their team and work with them to ensure they have the best chance of success.


In Australia we have created a dedicated franchise recruitment team and are currently recruiting for franchisees for over 20 brands and growing.


We have launched a property division to find locations for our clients.


We have partnered with some of Australia’s best franchise marketing and digital specialist firms to offer services to our clients for franchise recruitment and brand development.


We launched a business broking division to sell existing businesses both franchised and non-franchise so we can offer exit planning and strategies for all business owners.


In 2022 we have pioneered some exciting initiatives including the development of our own proprietary franchising CRM, frustrated by having to use multiple platforms to manage the business, we created a system that manages every aspect of our business. The system develops the strategic business plan of our clients and then allows them access to our ongoing coaching/mentoring and support programs, it tracks the process of our consulting work and project management and enables us to market directly to prospective franchisees and franchisors.


One of the most exciting initiatives we have undertaken in 2022 was the opening of a franchise Centre of Excellence in Sydney. Our new head office boasts a retail showroom where we showcase our clients’ brands, this initiative is a world leading retail showroom bringing brands to potential franchisees and a venue where prospective franchisees can learn about opportunities and receive education about franchising.


The Centre of Excellence has a training facility that caters for franchisee and franchisor training and events where we run franchise information sessions for both individual brands and categories of brands (such as Service based, Food & Beverage, Health & Fitness and professional services).


Franchise Ready is growing and so are our clients.