As we head to the end of 2021 many people are taking a step back and a breath to review their life and make a call on their professional future – some are calling it the ‘Great Resignation’ but for many it’s simply a case of answering the age old question of ‘am I doing what I want to do and what I want to do in life?’

What is apparent is that many who have found themselves working longer hours and under increased stress during the ‘Work from Home’ period, are making the call to work for themselves, but as anyone who has ever branched out on their own knows, that is easier said than done.

This is where the decision to look into a franchise business can come into play, as taking on a business in a known brand with marketing support can be very tempting, and that was the position that Romil Shah found himself in.

Romil, who emigrated to Australia in 2013 from India found it tough to find full-time work, eventually finding a position with Fuji Xerox after 6-months which started him on a course that led to a position at the Snap Centre in Burwood, NSW in 2019.

“Six months into my role at Snap COVID hit, so it was a challenging environment for all, but having spent most of my working life in the print industry here and overseas, I felt that as I headed into 2021 that it was the right time for me to step up and run my own business,” said Romil Shah.

That decision was prompted by living through the lockdowns and restrictions, which meant working all hours and as Romil began to think more and more and following discussions with his wife Preepi and family back in India, and with the Snap Burwood franchise available, Romil knew it was time for him to take the next step in his career.

“Print was always going to be the industry of choice for me and whilst I looked at other print franchises, Snap with their history as a business and being one of the finest franchises in Australia, added with their move into the online space – it was the clear first choice for me.”

So, from December 2021, Romil will take over Snap Burwood NSW and as he awaits the handover Romil says that Snap have been fantastic with their support on what is needed to run a successful franchise business, that this support has gone beyond anything he could have expected or imagined.

“They have been fantastic, the whole team, their support is amazing, Snap have wonderfully experienced people and it does not matter your background, whether from print or any other industry, the team at Snap will give you everything you need to excel,” said Romil.

Snap Print & Design’s Business Support Manager Mitch Douzard says that Romil’s story is one that reflects why Snap is one of the leading franchisors in the country.

“It’s a big decision to take on a new business and when you look at many franchise operations there is a lot of support upfront, but the key to success is the ongoing support, what happens in those first 12-18 months after you get the keys.”

Mitch says that before you make that call on a franchise, you need to ask some key questions.

  • How interactive is the support office?
  • How much support will you get once you have opened the business?
  • How long will that support be for?
  • What is the level of access to the support office?
  • How will they help you through the process of establishing your business?
  • Is there a support network of fellow franchise owners to act as mentors?

“These are all things that Snap offers to its new franchisees and are key to running a successful franchise operation – regardless of the industry,” said Mitch.

For Romil, he is looking forward to the handover and getting into running his business.

“My family have been so supportive, here and back in India and I cannot wait to get started and with such support there is no way that I won’t succeed.”