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From the Big Apple to the Land Down Under: The Laundry Company Brings New York’s Top Laundry Services to Australia


The Laundry Company, originally launched as The Eco Laundry Company, has been at the forefront of eco-friendly laundry practices since its inception. Founded by Australian entrepreneur Phillipe Christodoulou, The Laundry Company has grown from a local favorite in Buenos Aires to an internationally recognized brand with a strong presence in New York City. Now, The Laundry Company is poised to bring its innovative laundry services to Australia, offering franchise opportunities that promise both environment mindfulness and business success.


The Laundry Company Timeline

The Laundry Company’s journey began in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2010. Within a year of its launch, Wallpaper* magazine hailed it as one of the “20 Reasons to Visit Argentina.” This early success set the stage for the company’s expansion to New York City in 2012, where it established its flagship store in Chelsea. Over the past 12 years, The Laundry Company has become a staple in the neighborhood, renowned for its eco-friendly approach and exceptional customer service.


Founding Vision and Partnership

Phillipe Christodoulou, an Australian-born entrepreneur with extensive international experience, founded The Laundry Company. His vision for sustainable laundry practices resonated globally. Phillipe partnered with Jean Calleja, the former global head of communications for the Cowen Group. Together, they earned the moniker “pioneers of eco-friendly laundry,” as quoted by Bloomberg BusinesWeek. Their combined expertise and commitment to sustainability have been instrumental in The Laundry Company’s success.


A Brand Trusted by Many

The Laundry Company’s reputation extends beyond its eco-friendly practices. Often drawing patrons from distant neighborhoods, remarkably, over 150 customers travel weekly from Brooklyn to Chelsea for The Laundry Company’s services, a testament to its unparalleled quality and customer loyalty.

The Laundry Company’s corporate client list includes local wellness centers and major fashion houses, showcasing its versatility and appeal. The company has collaborated with notable brands like Pharrell Williams’ G-Star Raw for The Oceans, Rebecca Taylor, and Save The Duck New York, further cementing its status in the industry.

Recognized for its pioneering efforts in sustainability, The Laundry Company’s practices were the focus of Columbia University’s 2022 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Project. This project, part of Columbia’s broader Plan 2030, aims to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.



Celebrity Endorsements and Media Coverage

The Laundry Company’s Chelsea location has hosted numerous A-list celebrities. Laura Brown, editor-in-chief of InStyle magazine, produced a series called ‘Dirty Laundry’ filmed at The Laundry Company. This series featured stars like Priyanka Chopra, Rebel Wilson, and Brooke Shields, as well as fashion icon Rachel Zoe. Such high-profile endorsements have significantly boosted The Laundry Company’s brand recognition and customer loyalty.


The Laundry Company has garnered press coverage in over 30 countries and prestigious publications, including Wallpaper*, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, New York Magazine, and Forbes. In 2023, Small Business Trends named The Laundry Company the number one franchise opportunity for laundromat franchises globally.



Focus on Coin Laundromat Franchises

As The Laundry Company looks to expand, its core growth strategy focuses on coin laundromat franchises. The company plans to launch this model in Australia in 2024, followed by a US launch in 2025. Despite this focus, The Laundry Company remains committed to its full-service eco-friendly dry cleaning, actively seeking dry cleaning franchisees, master franchisees, and conversions.


Phillipe notes, “The coin laundry market in Australia is booming, with rapid growth in demand for hassle-free and efficient laundry services. The Laundry Company is set to capitalize on this trend, providing franchisees a unique opportunity to earn passive income without the burden of managing staff.”


Costs and Fees