Inspired by great Vietnamese traditions and with a menu built from Hoang family recipes, Roll’d CEO Bao Hoang opened the first store in partnership with Ray Esquires and Bao’s cousin, Tin Ly.

The first Roll’d was a was a humble Vietnamese eatery in the competitive heart of Melbourne’s CBD, that sought to diversify lunch offering for city workers by serving delicious, fresh and healthy Vietnamese family favourites – Roll’d Soldiers (rice paper rolls), Phở (noodle soup), Bánh mì (baguettes), Bún (noodle salad) and Goi (fresh salad).

Since then Roll’d have opened over 110 stores nationwide with many of the Hoang, Esquires and Ly family and
friends working in the kitchen, head office or on the ground serving customers. By maintaining such strong cultural traditions, Roll’d honours the cultural, historic and proud roots of the Hoang family. Hoang’s parents still have a hand in every Phở that’s served, with Phien continuing to make all the master stocks, broths and sauces that are distributed to stores across the country, as well as growing the sugarcane in their own backyard.

Food remains the perfect gateway to sharing culture and developing a mutual understanding of cultural differences. For Roll’d Vietnamese, launching their fresh and flavoursome menu of Vietnamese family favourites came as an opportunity to knock the famed sushi roll off its pedestal, introduce a new world of healthy Asian
delights to Australians and further strengthen Australia’s relationship with the Vietnamese community.

As Roll’d Vietnamese continues to thrive in the Australian market and develop a deeper relationship with more
Australians, Roll’d are also looking ahead with aspirations to expand into international markets including the USA, New Zealand, Ireland, Japan and the UK.


Another Australian-born franchise is heading overseas, with Australia’s first and only Vietnamese healthy takeaway chain, Roll’d Vietnamese launching in the USA in July 2022.

The Roll’d Vietnamese USA store is the chain’s first international location, following successful expansion
across Australia since 2012.

Local growth in the Australian market has always been a priority for the rapidly expanding Roll’d Vietnamese brand. Since the first Roll’d store opened in 2012 in Melbourne’s CBD, Roll’d Vietnamese has expanded nationally, with over 110 store. The business continues to transform its business model to give more certainty to franchisees through omni channels, including Roll’d delivery, a new FMCG range of pantry items and condiments sold exclusively in Coles supermarkets, and B2B sales through the addition of grab-and-go in Coles and other retailers.

Roll’d is now looking to expand into international markets. But you won’t be finding the quick-service Vietnamese
favourites in a major city like New York, San Francisco or LA. For now, Americans looking for healthy takeaway options will have to travel to the Mountain West subregion of Salt Lake City, Utah for a bite of Mama Hoang’s specialities.

Bao Hoang, Roll’d Vietnamese Founder and CEO says his vision of bringing Vietnamese food to the masses and sharing in his family’s culture has seen Roll’d grow from a single Melbourne CBD store, to international expansion within 10 years.

However, the road to success has not always been easy. Despite the ongoing and significant economic, political,
and social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Roll’d remains optimistic for the future and the recovery of the Australian food & hospitality industry. With Hoang determined to keep Roll’d’s 150 full-time staff employed
throughout the pandemic, Hoang has taken action to secure the future of Roll’d and minimise the negative impacts of the pandemic on business. Retaining staffand staff recruitment have been a top priority for Roll’d
during this time, as well as strong thought leadership and workplace culture, which the team believes has enabled them to power ahead throughout the pandemic.

“When Covid hit, Roll’d’s executive team were unanimous that we would work hard to ensure no jobs were lost during this time. We used innovation across multiple channels to bring healthy Vietnamese food to more Australians and keep staff in reliable employment. Our strategy has paid off and through 2020 and 2021 Roll’d has expanded with 20 new store openings and the launch of our FMCG product range into Coles, Australia’s largest supermarket.

We will continue to develop the innovations we launched throughout the pandemic to further grow the company. This time though, we are growing internationally,” says Roll’d Vietnamese Founder and CEO, Bao Hoang.

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