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Kwik Kopy Australia is entering an exciting stage of growth, guided by Peter Fiasco, the Head of Franchising and a celebrated figure in the industry. With a collaborative environment and strong alignment of the company’s purpose, values and goals, Kwik Kopy is poised for significant milestones in the franchising sector. Kwik Kopy is leveraging Peter’s visionary sales leadership to drive growth and innovation, cementing its position as an industry leader.  


Peter supports Kwik Kopy’s commitment to growth through strong mentorship skills by strategically strengthening the franchise community. With Peter’s franchising knowledge, Kwik Kopy has created a supportive network for franchisees, ensuring they have the tools for success in the territory within which they operate. This skill was honed as Peter worked closely with industry experts, including Paul Constantinou AM, founder of Quest Apartments Hotels. “Peter is excellent to work with and an excellent Franchise manager and leader. He respects and is well-respected, and his ability to work with franchisees gave him a lot of comfort in the industry. He emphasises the relationship with franchisees to allow them to grow, ensuring solidarity and that they receive the support to become successful,” says Paul.


Industry engagement

Kwik Kopy’s influence and reputation are enhanced by its active involvement in industry events, encouraging Peter’s participation in panel sessions. He addresses issues such as learning programs for franchise owners, recruiting high-quality franchisees, and operational excellence. He provides insights that are valued in franchise code reviews, ensuring relevance and effectiveness. His engagement not only promotes the benefits of franchising but also keeps Kwik Kopy at the forefront of industry developments. 


Peter’s knowledge and drive to improvement has greatly benefited other businesses as well, including Ops Central, a communications platform provider. “It has been a delight and positive experience having Peter around. His collaborative approach is always forthcoming with excellent suggestions, as he has clarity with the business,” says Josh Cairns, Founder and former CEO of Ops Central.



Promotional efforts for franchising

Devoted to the advantages of franchising, Kwik Kopy communicates this message on multiple platforms. The company’s presence in industry magazines and LinkedIn spreads knowledge and best practices, with Peter’s support for a wider reach. He is highly visible on social media, sharing his knowledge with audiences within the same industry.


With Peter’s representation of Kwik Kopy in the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) and participation in industry events, the company emphasises the importance of a franchising network’s community spirit. Peter has participated in the National Franchise Convention, Legal Symposium, Multi-Unit Summit, International Franchise Convention in the USA, and state-based member events, showcasing his and Kwik Kopy’s commitment to the industry.



Providing leadership and support

Kwik Kopy positively supports Peter’s influence in the franchise community. His management style has nurtured future leaders, involving franchise field teams and taking many team members under his wing as they enter the Franchise industry. In addition, Peter’s involvement in various groups, such as the CEO Group in Melbourne, demonstrates his dedication to educating individuals and supporting his ambitions

for the future. The franchising sector is greatly supported by Peter’s philosophy, emphasising the importance of a robust community. He was recognised this year through his nomination to the Franchise Industry Leadership Award, where he became a national finalist.


“I’ve known Peter for a few years, more recently from our involvement in the Victorian Chapter of the FCA. Peter was the person who first suggested I consider joining the FCA, highlighting the FCA’s important contribution to the wider franchising community,” according to James Hucker, Head of Franchising at Couriers Please. “He is extremely passionate and has a broad range of experience within the industry. He is a great resource and is highly active in facilitating panels or being on a panel himself, providing guidance and valuable insights,” James adds. 



Positive outcomes of collaboration

At Kwik Kopy, collaboration is crucial, with Peter ensuring that all franchisees in their network are taken care of. “Peter’s positive energy is contagious. He is very passionate about what he does, which makes him a great brand ambassador for Kwik Kopy. In the events I attended, he has shown great vision in driving where Kwik Kopy’s going,” shares Daniel McKenzie, owner of Kwik Kopy Miller Street and Franchise of the Year Winner. By collaborating with the FCA on member events and serving as a judge for franchising awards, Peter has been recognised for his excellence in franchising. 


Peter has also advocated for changes to the Franchising Code of Conduct, providing practical examples that have shaped policies. His contributions set high industry standards and cemented the excellence of franchisee and franchisor awards, which fosters a high-performance culture.



Kwik Kopy’s purpose and values

In the last 18 months, Kwik Kopy has been focused on driving towards growth and innovation. Peter aligns with this vision by strengthening the franchise community. As Kwik Kopy transitions with significant changes, Peter has aligned with suppliers with the same values, ensuring all partners adhere to the industry’s best practices and Kwik Kopy’s values of excellence, ambition, creativity, and community. For example, when selecting a new intranet platform, Peter researched several suppliers who supported the industry and aligned with Kwik Kopy’s objectives, ensuring that every tool utilised by Kwik Kopy strengthens its franchise model.


Peter has worked tirelessly to overhaul the Kwik Kopy franchise mapping tool, a crucial initiative for existing and new franchisees. This initiative has provided franchise owners with detailed data, enabling them to understand their marketing areas, target businesses, and identify new opportunities.


“Peter’s expertise and action orientation has been invaluable to our mission to grow. With his contributions, we have re-aligned the franchise model and offering to enable Kwik Kopy to achieve the vision we have for the future,” says Sonia Shwabsky, CEO of Kwik Kopy. “The brand is looking to grow its footprint in Australia to 120 centres and, more importantly, ensure that businesses needing a full marketing service provider can access Kwik Kopy’s support regardless of their location,” adds Sonia.


“Kwik Kopy has reinvented its franchise system to become a leading B2B franchise in Australia and the first of its kind globally. With Kwik Kopy as a business taking a strategic and data-driven approach, it is positioned as a leader in B2B marketing services, priming it to meet the ever-changing needs of customers and allow sustained growth,” concludes Matthew Penfold, Chairman of Kwik Kopy.