InXpress is delighted to announce the news that Bev Taylor, Franchise Owner of InXpress Bondi won not one, but two Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) Awards – Franchise Woman of the Year and Single Unit Franchisee of the Year Less Than 2 Staff.

Bev made the move from the UK to Australia and bought her first franchise in July 2013. Each year since she established her business, Bev’s business success has continuously grown to new heights. “I feel completely blown away, humbled and so thankful to be part of a franchise system where you are recognised with these awards,” says Bev.

In 2017, Bev won the same FCA Awards for NSW and then went on to win Single Unit Franchisee of the Year Less Than 2 Staff nationally, and runner up for Franchise Woman of the Year nationally. “I truly believe that you reap what you sow and that the grass is greener where you water it! What I mean by this is that hard work has got my franchise to where it is now,” she says.

Bev has always been an excellent contributor to the InXpress network and an extremely driven business owner, which resulted in her winning the InXpress Franchise of the Year Award for 2020. Bev was the recipient of the same award in March 2018, proving that her hard work and commitment to her business has never faulted.

So, what is the secret behind her multi-award-winning business model? “I think following the franchise model is the key thing. Doing what they recommend is a tried and tested method. I also do a lot of benchmarking with franchises that are further along than me so I can leverage off them and follow their strategies. Commitment, hard work and being willing to learn is so important too,” says Bev.

Furthermore, Bev’s continuous involvement with the FCA’s Women in Franchising as well as holding a position on the Franchise Advisory Council (FAC) means that the entire industry will benefit from her experience and passion for franchising.

At InXpress, we work with a lot of couriers and women tend to be in the minority. In fact, women seem to be outnumbered by men in franchising generally so it’s great to be a part of trying to change that for everyone in the future,” she says.

Bev strongly believes in personal and professional development and continues to attend courses and seminars throughout the world, with the belief that the ability to learn and develop new skills never stops. “I had a goal of increasing the business dramatically and I have managed to do that recently through buying another franchise, which I will merge into the existing one. I want to grow my team and my business further. I also want to focus on my personal development as well,” she says. The team at InXpress is over the moon for Bev and feel certain that this won’t be the last time her name will be in lights!