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For 25 years Jim’s Cleaning has been a household name for those seeking commercial or residential cleaning services. From humble beginnings, the Jim’s Cleaning Group has grown to encompass over 1000 franchisees, and the demand for more continues. 

Within the Group there are seven service areas for prospective franchisees to explore. From general cleaning, window & pressure cleaning, car detailing, carpet cleaning, blind cleaning and NDIS cleaning there are plenty of options to choose from when thinking of buying your own franchise.

Following the successful Jim’s Group franchise model, franchisees are able to set their own work requirements, work hours, and rates. Being a Jim’s Cleaning Group franchisee really allows you to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. With national advertising and branding already part of your package when you purchase a Jim’s Cleaning Franchise.

The group is now the largest domestic cleaning company in Australia and has placed in the overall top 10 in all categories of the Top Franchise Awards for 3 consecutive years. Signalling that it’s not just our customers who are happy, but our franchisees as well.

Jim’s Cleaning Founder Haydar Hussein credits the regional franchisor system as a main contributor to franchisee satisfaction. Regional franchisors know their area, what’s required and what works. They offer their franchisees support and advice throughout the duration of the franchise agreement. 

But the secret to the success of the Jim’s Cleaning Group’s constant growth? On top of a stellar reputation and boasting a 100% satisfaction guarantee, people are time poor, and the need for cleaning never goes away. Most of us feel busier than ever, and sadly, our free time usually draws the short straw when it comes to priorities. There are always more emails to read and reply to, more meetings to be had and endless amounts of digital content to consume – and with mobile technology, these things literally follow you everywhere you go. This never-ending to-do list makes us feel stressed and makes it hard to find any much-needed downtime. With women on average spending 25 hours per week on employment, 20 hours on housework and 11 hours caring for dependents – the 56-hour week doesn’t allow much space for anything else! So how can you take a step back without compromising what’s important? That’s where Jim’s Cleaning enters the fold! 

Offering a simple booking system via a local call centre where 98% of calls are answered within the first minute, the process is simple. From the customer’s standpoint, calling Jim’s is a no brainer. 

The demand from our customers isn’t slowing down either. Since January 1st 2022, approximately 29,000 leads have been unable to be serviced across the Cleaning Group divisions. The group quite literally has more work than it can handle, the only solution is to sign more franchisees and further grow the brand. 

Within your own franchise, the sky’s the limit. Some franchisees operate individually, taking on only the work they wish to fund their chosen lifestyle, while others employ staff and put multiple vehicles on the road, forever growing their client base. The choice is yours, what will it be?

If your interest in a lifestyle change, looking to have a business of your own with back up support from a company with over 25 years experience then look no further, find out more at