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Kitset Assembly saving client’s time and marriages one flatpack at a time.

At Kitset Assembly Services, flatpack is our business. It’s what we do, we do a lot of it and we’re really good at it! We’ve assembled thousands of Flatpack products, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and creating a legendary reputation.

Our business model is extremely simple – we assemble flatpack furniture and other flatpack products, for customers, at their home or office, for a fixed fee. No surprises in price means that our satisfied customers refer their friends and family to us.  Repeat business is key which is why we provide all our Franchisees with top-notch training on product assembly and customer service.  We treat our customers like royalty which is why they love us and you will too!

With a strong foundation built on exceptional customer service and quality franchisee training systems means that partnerships with well-known Australian retailers is ever increasing.  Our ecommerce booking platform is described as ‘best in class’ and enables our Franchisees access to an existing network from which to grow their own successful franchise business.



So, if you’re the person that family and friends call when they’ve got a flatpack, the person that enjoys putting things together or the one that doesn’t have ‘screws left over’ (no, they’re not spare!)… then you’ve come to the right place.

Flatpack furniture is designed to be easy to assemble, but ask anyone who has ever been faced with building a flatpack chances are that’s not what they’ll say! Many customers simply don’t have the time, tools, or patience to assemble their new furniture. It takes a certain type of person to make sense of complex instructions multiple pieces and what seems like randomly drilled holes and a handful of screws to hold it all together. Not to mention the Allen key… where on earth did it go now? That’s why Kitset Assembly Services is here to help, and if you’re still reading, chances are that certain person is you. So, what can we build together?

Customers love quick and easy. We provide our customers with a fast, quality service that allows them to save time and reduce the stress and frustration caused by assembling flatpack furniture… and that’s the easy stuff. We also will assemble outdoor furniture and BBQs, sheds and cabins, saunas, greenhouses and playhouses, sporting equipment and gyms to name a few other products. Leave it to us, we are the experts!

The best part of Kitset Assembly is you provide the service to the client and we provide your support.  This business is a ‘Man in a Van’ operation – our central office takes bookings and allocates them to the local Franchisee for that area. Our Franchisee then goes out to the customer’s location, takes away all their stress by assembling their flatpack for them and even take away the rubbish afterwards. It is a Win Win.

As a Franchisee there is plenty of variety – you’ll get to meet all sorts of different people, and each day you’ll be going to different locations and assembling different items. All we ask is that you love providing good customer service and you take pride in quality flatpack assembly.

It is a very exciting time for our business as we look to expand this proven model throughout the States in Australia. We are looking for people to take up this great opportunity and come help us save marriages … one assembly at a time!