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Gateway Shopping Centre is an exciting shopping and entertainment precinct just a 20-minute drive from Darwin’s CB D and suburbs. Home to major stores, indoor and outdoor dining options, cinemas, and plenty of undercover parking, the centre is a compelling destination to set up a business.

Franchise opportunities range from kiosks to standard retail shops, restaurants and large format retail spaces.
We chat with the owners of two exciting new franchise stores about to open in the centre to discover why they have chosen to become part of the Gateway success story.

Interview with Penny Ngo, Gong Cha Franchisee (Opening Soon at Gateway)

What is the Gong Cha brand all about?

Gong Cha is the act of offering tea to the Emperor in Ancient China as a tribute. Gong Cha today is one of the most recognised bubble tea brands around the world with over 1,500 stores worldwide.

At Gong Cha, we believe tea is the flow of time. It is a wordless conversation, a fountain of inspiration that transforms each day into a leisurely journey of taste.

What makes Gong Cha unique?

Gong Cha is popular for its high quality tea products and its unique taste. Our teas are sourced from the most elegant and reputable Taiwan tea estates. All Gong Cha stores brew their own teas fresh and cook tapioca pearls to perfection every four hours.

What will the Gong Cha Gateway store look like?

It will be a modern store with an abundance of seating. This provides our tea lovers with not only a takeaway option, but also a great space to spend time with friends and family.

What will Gong Cha bring to the Centre?

Gong Cha brings more variety to Gateway; giving an additional drink option with our signature flavours for shoppers big and small to enjoy. Whether they are new customers or our loyal customers from one of our other 100 stores around Australia.

Why is Gateway the perfect fit for your store?

Gateway is the perfect fit for our store because it is the biggest and most modern shopping centre in Palmerston and brings a lot of people from everywhere in Darwin. In addition, by arranging Gong Cha next to Breadtop and
near Woolworths, it is the perfect location.

Interview with Pamera She, Breadtop Marketing Specialist (Opening Soon at Gateway)

What is the Breadtop brand all about?

We are passionate about blending variety and value to bring our customers the best looking and best tasting baked goods! We are proud to have an extensive range of freshly made savoury and sweetbreads and cakes to satisfy any palate.

What makes Breadtop unique?

We want to make our customers excited about baked goods! We have over 300 different types of bread and cakes made using Japanese, French, Hong Kong and Taiwanese baking recipes and traditions – so our range is only limited by your imagination. We love to be innovative with flavour combinations and introduce new products to complement our fan favourites.

What will the Breadtop Gateway store look like?

Breadtop will no doubt introduce an exciting and engaging shopping experience to Gateway. The Breadtop Gateway store is designed to attract customers to our freshly made breads and cakes on full display.

What will Breadtop bring to the Centre?

Breadtop will bring a diverse and unique range of sweet and savoury goods, freshly baked on a daily basis, so Gateway customers are bound to discover their favourites quickly.

Why is Gateway the perfect fit for your store?

Like Gateway, Breadtop is also a modern, convenient, one-stop shopping experience for bread, cake and everything in between. We are excited to serve Gateway customers and introduce them to a new way of enjoying baked goods!

Both Gong Cha and Breadtop are conveniently located near Woolworths and have access to free and easy parking.

For more information, contact Grant Isaacs on 0414 461 071 or email
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