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Optus Business a sustainable approach

Optus further grows its Living Network with Optus Eco

With the Australian Government recently passing legislation to reduce emissions by 43% 2030, there is heightened importance to understand the impact business is having on the environment. We take a look at how Optus is making changes.  

As demand for Optus’ services grow, so does Optus’ energy needs. Optus is continually upgrading and converting its base stations to become more energy efficient. Through these upgrades, Optus has reduced energy used during low data traffic times with the activation of energy-saving functions, resulting in annual electricity savings of 10,952 MWh (megawatt hour). Legacy infrastructure has also been shut down and decommissioned, achieving savings of more than 50,000 MWh per year. Optus has saved a further 1,577 MWh per year by rolling out energy-efficient LED lighting and motion detecting sensors in our facilities. Such energy savings equal the annual power consumption of 12,000 Australian homes.

Within its business units, Optus has embraced ‘circular economy’ principles assessing a product’s environmental impact over its entire life cycle, beginning from before it reaches the stores, during operations and after its useful life.  This approach allows Optus to prioritise the reduction of resources consumed to eliminate landfill waste by reusing or recycling resources where possible and increase the use of regenerative resources.

Optus has unveiled one of its latest Optus Living Network innovation, Optus Eco, which empowers customers to help combat climate change by exposing ways they can reduce, offset and amplify their commitment to the environment. Optus Eco, available in My Optus App, invites customers to up their sustainability game through simple and easy steps to decrease their environmental impact such as: 


o Connecting with an eSIM, 

o Choosing paperless billing with Optus, and 

o Donating or recycling your device.


o Choosing to help offset their phone’s manufacture and use by supporting local Australian projects such as Boonora Downs in NSW and Tallering Station in WA which mitigate climate impact and tackle biodiversity.


o In the coming months, once customers have ticked off everything off their Optus Eco checklist, Optus will provide an extra carbon-offset bonus

Other Initiatives

  • Modem recycling: Optus customers can recycle any used Optus-branded modems through their local retail Optus store, where 95% of materials are recovered and reused.  
  • Donate Your Device: Building on the impact of Optus’ Donate Your Data™ program, Donate Your Device allows customers to donate their select spare phone to Aussies in need through Good360 Australia.
  • SIM card recycling: Optus recycled 68,456 SIM cards as part of its 2021 SIM expiry recall initiative.    
  • Postal drop off service: has allowed customers to return more than 63,500 leased set top devices directly to Australia Post, consolidating transport and reducing emissions.  
  • Mobile Muster program: Optus supports this national industry-wide collaboration and stewardship scheme that allows customers to recycle their old mobile phones at any Optus retail store.  
  • Printer waste: In collaboration with Lexmark, Optus is updating its printers to reduce the amount of toner that is being used

We recognise Sustainability is not only important for all Australians, but all Australian Businesses and how they operate, which is why Optus Business Centre Partners keep this front of mind when servicing their customers. In order to deliver on our ambitions, Optus is expanding the footprint of Optus Business Centre specialists to service the needs of business customers in Australia. Optus already has 29 Business Centres across Australia, with continued expansion planned over the coming years. 

Optus Business Centres provide telecommunication solutions for businesses, from 1 to 300 FTE. You will work closely with customers to understand their telecommunication needs, and provide tailored solutions to help your customers grow their business. Partners are provided an assigned local customer base that needs to be proactively managed to drive growth and retention. Opportunities to market your business to acquire new customers within your local territory. 

Co-create a local brand, where you are the face of Optus Business. 

Optus is a key challenger brand, providing businesses with a diverse range of Telecommunication solutions. 

Optus is currently seeking to expand their distribution network. As an Optus Business Partner, here are a few ways Optus will support you: 

  • Territory model with customer base to get you started 
  • Training and mentoring from our experienced Sales team 
  • Competitive commission structure 
  • Business and marketing support 


Optus knows running a business means having the confidence to take bold steps. It’s why they’re  committed to helping Australian businesses, big and small, take those steps more often. It starts with yes.