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PACK & SEND Live – Transforming Franchise Partners in New Zealand


Introducing PACK & SEND’s eCommerce shipping solution platform to the New Zealand Market 


The eCommerce market continues to grow rapidly, with more and more customers shopping online, meaning businesses must adapt to meet these expectations. Online merchants are looking for a solution to their logistics requirements and most see shipping as a part of their business that takes up a lot of time and energy, and as a result, any partner that can reduce this effort will go a long way in winning that business. The recent launch of PACK & SEND Live in New Zealand – an innovative platform, designed to revolutionise franchise partnerships and customer experiences, not only sets a new standard for operational efficiency but also reinforces PACK & SEND’s distinctive No Limits business model.


PACK & SEND have been in business for over 30 years and have had a presence in New Zealand since 2008. In 2021 PACK & SEND were acquired by MBE Wordwide which has further bolstered the PACK & SEND brand and reptation on a global scale. 


George Fattal – Sales and Product Manager for PACK & SEND Live states “The Live platform offers a unique opportunity for Franchise Partners to enter the eCommerce industry, allowing Franchise Partners to take the hassle out of shipping and logistics for their customers. The platform has seamless integrations with the major online store providers such as Shopify and WooCommerce, access to PACK & SEND’s Carrier Partners and a range of features and benefits that can be customised to the customer. However, the real benefit of PACK & SEND Live is the National Store Network. Customers have access to a PACK & SEND Franchise Partner as their account manager and logistics expert, as well as their physical store location for warehousing and 3PL solutions if required.”


The flexibility, scalability, and personalisation that PACK & SEND Live can offer a customer are unique in the market, as customers will generally have to engage multiple partners to achieve a complete logistics solution, whether that is carriers, 3PL providers or even packaging suppliers. 


PACK & SEND Live has been servicing customers in Australia since 2019, and over the years it has continually improved to ensure it is meeting the requirements of both the customers and the Franchise Partners. With PACK & SEND Live, Franchise Partners have been able to tap into new markets and industries that have previously been quite difficult to access. It has also allowed the Franchise Partners to grow their business customers by offering a solution that is customisable and scalable with their customer’s operations.


“Within Australia we are seeing PACK & SEND Live contribute a substantial amount of revenue for Franchise Partners. Some locations now receive over 30% of their yearly revenue from PACK & SEND Live customers, and our top performer achieved Live revenue in excess of 60%. This has allowed them to rapidly grow their business and continue to focus on servicing new business customers”, adds Fattal.


New Zealand Franchise Partners are now able to offer the same solution as their Australian business partners. PACK & SEND Live also offers additional benefits to the Franchise Partner along with access to new customers and industries:

New Income Stream – One of the main benefits of PACK & SEND Live is that the customer can manage all the orders and shipments from their own location, meaning that the Franchise Partner is receiving the revenue for shipments that they are not physically handling, or may not normally be able to handle due to the size of their operation. 


Real-Time Tracking and Visibility – PACK & SEND Live empowers franchise partners by providing real-time tracking capabilities, offering enhanced visibility into the status and location of shipments. Customers also have the same level of visibility on their shipments, further improving operational efficiency in-store.


Streamlined Operations – The platform’s seamless communication tools streamline operations for franchise partners, reducing errors and enhancing overall workflow efficiency. Through integration with the merchants’ marketplace, the platform ensures the correct delivery and product information is fed through for processing and allocation to the best service available.


Data-Driven Insights – Franchise partners benefit from data-driven insights that enable informed decision-making. The real time analytics provided by PACK & SEND Live empower franchisees to adapt and innovate based on market trends and customer demands.


Enhanced Customer Experience – The customisable tracking and communication tools contribute to an elevated customer experience, a key aspect of the No Limits philosophy. Satisfied customers lead to repeat business, driving growth for franchise partners without the traditional confines of the logistics industry.


Scalability and Adaptability – PACK & SEND Live’s scalability aligns with the PACK & SEND No Limits business model, allowing franchise partners to adapt and expand their operations seamlessly to their customer’s needs. The platform ensures that as businesses grow, franchise partners can embrace new opportunities without limitations, enhancing their market presence.


“As PACK & SEND Live continues to grow in New Zealand it will offer Franchise partners a fantastic opportunity to not only grow their business but to service new types of business customers. The fusion of operational efficiency, customer-centricity, and scalability not only transforms franchise partnerships and customer experiences but also reinforces the No Limits business model”, Fattal says. 


This convergence of innovation positions PACK & SEND as a trailblazer in the logistics landscape, proving that the future is limitless for those who embrace change.