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Poolwerx is the world’s largest franchise pool service brand. Operating in the home service sector, we have over 630 vehicles and 165 stores in Australia, New Zealand and the US with multiple revenue streams, repeat clients and limited competition. 

Poolwerx is the world’s largest franchise pool service brand. Operating in the home service sector, we have over 630 vehicles and 165 stores in Australia, New Zealand and the US with multiple revenue streams, repeat clients and limited competition. 


Poolwerx started servicing residential pools and spas with mobile vans in 1992, then launched into retail, opening our first store in 2000. Initially catering to DIY and Do-It-For-Me clients, Poolwerx has expanded to include a b2b offering servicing commercial pools through established partnerships.  


Our business has grown substantially in the last five years, having cracked just over $150 million in revenue in ANZ in the last 12 months. 


Not many brands can boast to have remained relevant over three decades, but our robust expansion processes, strong relationships with franchise partners and suppliers, and fiercely loyal client base has set us up for success.


  • What type of person would ‘fit’ your franchisee profile?


Over the past 30 years, our franchise partner composition has drastically changed. Even ten years ago 100% of our franchises were mobile-only operations but today, half of Poolwerx’ new recruits are jumping straight into retail with multiple vans, sometimes even multiple retail hubs. 


You do not have to come from a franchising background to fit the Poolwerx profile. Some of our most successful franchise partners come from the business world. This includes one franchise partner who comes from a banking back ground and now owns one of the largest Poolwerx footprints and has created a scalable business, setting a new standard for multi-unit partners within Poolwerx and the wider industry. The latest recruits include senior executives, high-net-worth individuals and medical professionals; highly motivated and skilled people looking for a new challenge in a highly rewarding lifestyle business. 


We generally categorise franchises as business builders, business accelerators and empire creators. This helps ensure people’s different aspirations are met while setting them up for success.  


  • Where are your current locations/territories? Where are locations/territories available? 


Poolwerx has a strong presence across every state in Australia as well as New Zealand’s north and south islands. Despite our footprint, there are still significant growth opportunities converting independent pool servicing retailers to come under the Poolwerx umbrella. We also have stores across the entire US sunbelt. 


  • Why is there a need for this product/service? Why are you different to your competition?


Pools are a staple of Australian backyards, the pandemic spurred a record number of new pool builds. The booming property market is also contributing to demand because of the value a pool adds to the house price.


Poolwerx is a sophisticated business that puts their franchise partners first. Our number one measure of success is partner profitability – we’re not successful unless they are. In the last three years, we invested several million dollars into business transformation and a state-of-the-art technology platform that provides a 360-degree view of the business and data-led insights to help automate processes for franchise partners so they can focus on delivering outstanding client and team experience. As part of this digital transformation, Poolwerx also appointed a Chief Innovation Officer who coordinates the business’ innovation pipeline, fast-tracks adoption of new systems and processes across the network, and further brings the brand onto the global stage.


  • How do you look after your franchisees? e.g. what support/training/back up do you offer?


We offer expert training and ongoing support to partners. Our Pool School is the largest pool training facility in the Southern Hemisphere, run by inhouse and external experts, technicians and brand specialists. The three-week program sets new entrants up for success and enables them to fully immerse themselves in all things Poolwerx. 


We fully support our partners beyond Pool School and offer our franchise partners a high level of support from our Poolwerx support centre.


We also introduced a Body, Mind and Soul (BMS) fund for PSC team members to partake in training and development aligned to their wellbeing goals. 


  • Plans for new systems/concepts in 2022


The pandemic saw demand for home services surge as Australians prioritised making their homes a multifunctional space. This home cocooning trend has steadily continued, showing consistent demand for Poolwerx’ services. We are finding new ways to cater to this, including offering expanded services for the do-it-yourself, the do-it-for-me and the do-it-for-me-occasionally markets in response to a rise in customer convenience demands. 


We are also shifting our focus to a more holistic commitment to being the healthy pool of people by playing into the health and wellbeing space. This includes helping people to be more active, live more sustainably by making their pool energy and water efficient and providing a greater range of chlorine alternatives like magnesium and salt.  


  • Where do you see the Franchise in the next five years? 


Poolwerx is embarking on an ambitious growth plan, having just partnered with US investment firm, Norwest Venture Partners, to turbocharge business growth in Australia and overseas. 


Norwest, who already partners with some of the world’s largest brands including Snap Fitness, Uber, Spotify and Calm, will bring to the table additional expertise and opportunities to enable Poolwerx to grow bigger and faster in Australia, New Zealand and the US. We are also pleased to welcome Ellerston Captial as a partner to the brand.


  • What is your advice for those exploring franchise opportunities? 


  1. Find a brand you have an affinity with – Systems and processes are easily learnt but passion for your product is something that has to be brought to the table. 
  2. Find the right business model – One of the most attractive elements to franchising is the breadth of options available so finding the right industry and model is imperative. Poolwerx offers three revenue streams for Franchise Partners to suit their needs; retail hubs which are outside of high-rental demands faced by food franchises, residential pool servicing and a B2B offering. 
  3. De-risk your business venture – Whether you are looking for a new business opportunity or to take the reins of an already established business, franchising is a great option for those at all levels of their entrepreneurial journey.


  • How do you motivate your franchisees? 


Each partner has a Business Development Manager (BDM) to support their growth with quarterly meetings to review business plans, troubleshoot issues, identify skill gaps and mentor. Our yearly “Revitalise Tour” sees the SLT meet with Franchise Partners and their teams, to continue to build relationships, motivate, promote re-connection to the business, and renew enthusiasm and purpose for partners. 


Poolwerx also hosts an annual convention where our entire network comes together for knowledge sharing and yearly awards. 2022 will be the first year in-person and this is such an invaluable few days to reconnect as a network and set ourselves up for success in the next 12 months.