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Rent The Roo a family business built over 3 generations and still going strong


Brian Hague and his son Philip laid the foundation for Rent The Roo in 1976 and despite huge changes to our lifestyle, the business is still going strong.  With an emphasis on family and work life balance Rent The Roo grew and adapted with the times.  In 2003, Philip decided the time was right to Franchise the business resulting in over 25 Franchisees today all with multi-unit holdings. Rent The Roo remains a family business.  Philip is at the helm in his role as CEO whilst daughter Emma is Operations Manager at their Head Office in Tasmania. The family affair continues through the franchisees, many handing down their business to their children.


Rent The Roo operates as a Financial Service business offering leased goods to customers. Many of those are either on social benefits or seeking to acquire new furniture, appliances or electronics with limited funds. Rent The Roo has many established retail partners who supply only the best products available. These products are then leased to Rent The Roo customers for a weekly fee, which can even be deducted from Social Support payments if required. At the end of the lease term, the item can be renewed for a lower weekly rate or a new item substituted. We all know how quickly technology dates! The availability of these goods to their customers is life changing.



In this current economic climate, it is not only those on social support that enlist the help of Rent The Roo, but many employed people too. With the cost-of-living skyrocketing and the collapse of a direct competitor, increased demand for consumer and commercial leasing services is high. However, what distinguishes Rent The Roo is their personal relationship with their customers. They strive to ensure all those seeking their services are treated well and with respect.  It is this core value of the company that ensures trust is created and the customer retention rate is very high.


Rent The Roo understands the importance of remaining compliant to legislation.  With this in mind they ensure all their franchisees are well trained and equipped in the preparation of documentation.  Philip says he is confident that all contracts prepared by a Rent The Roo franchisee meet all regulations and requirements.  Being on top of legislative requirements and quickly implementing the required changes are an advantage Rent The Roo has over competitors.  Philip says one of the things Rent The Roo does extremely well is, once a problem is identified, the time taken to respond and implement a solution is very short.


There are many  benefits in becoming a Rent The Roo franchisee. We have created a business model that not only delivers a great work-life balance but has also provided past and present franchisees with a healthy income stream of recurring revenue to secure their future. Please note that we do not provide you with an estimate how much you will earn but we will disclose what our model business has been earning and an example of ROI on an example product so that you or your accountant can create your own business plan. The franchise is very automated with Head Office assisting with training, marketing, recruitment and the initial qualification of potential clients completed online through CRM software. Operations Manager, Emma Sherratt describes Head Office’s function as being there to ‘lighten the load for franchisees. After an initial online training course potential Franchisees attend Head Office for hands on training.


Rent The Roo is a very flexible option ideal for those looking for work life balance and the ability to take leave without a great loss of income.  There is stability and regular income and with no weekend work required, Rent The Roo is an extremely attractive and family friendly business model.  Philip believes the right franchisee is usually those above 40 with an entrepreneurial spirit.  Franchisees come from varying backgrounds and across all walks of life, the common thread is the value of wanting to make a living and a difference in someone’s life whilst still enjoying family time.  There is no qualification or experience required.


The bi-annual conference is described as a family reunion.  Once the important training is complete the company indulges in a relaxing and enjoyable group activity.  The conference is a celebration of all that the company and their franchisees have achieved with many awards and acknowledgements given to those who have excelled in their territory.  Phil says the conference is a chance to catch up and he enjoys hearing the successes of franchisees and their customers.


Rent The Roo continue to strive to be ahead of the curve with plans for technological innovation, including the development of an app for customer convenience.  Phil says they want to provide customers with an easier way to access information and have more control of their data. Now that the Australian brand is well and truly established and perfected Phil talks about a potential expansion into the New Zealand market. Rent The Roo’s adaptability and customer-centric approach position it for continued success.  When asked what advice he would give to potential Franchisees, Phil answered simply with “Sign as quickly as you can!”