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Stagecoach Performing Arts looks to expand Australian network at Sydney Expo

No journey is too long when pursuing your passions, and the Stagecoach Performing Arts team is certainly passionate about getting their brand as far and wide as possible. That is why members of the Support Team took the 21,000-mile round trip to Sydney for this year’s Franchise & Business Opportunities Expo. The two-day event was an opportunity to reach a wider audience of those keen to begin their own journey of business ownership, growing the size of its network in Australia.


The Support Team, consisting of Chief Operations Officer Lisa Stead, Head of Marketing Dijana Radisevic and Global Franchise Support and Development Manager Joseph Greenslade, travelled to Sydney with the goal of attracting a broader range of prospects from across the Southern Hemisphere.

As part of his role, Joseph explores ways to enhance the support provided by the brand globally. He saw the two-day event as an opportunity to demonstrate how Stagecoach’s proven business model has been changing the lives of franchisees and their students worldwide for over 35 years, “The Expo was a fantastic platform to showcase how Stagecoach has been a transformative force for franchisees and students alike. We’re proud of the positive impact we’ve had globally, and the event was an opportunity to highlight the real-world success stories that prospects can replicate across Australia.”


Stagecoach’s network includes more than 300 franchisees that operate over 3,000 schools and classes in eight countries. Given the success of its current franchisees in Perth, the team is now eager to extend their presence to previously untouched regions in the country.


During the Expo hosted at the ICC Sydney, Lisa engaged in conversations with potential Master Franchisees and delivered a presentation that explored how earning a part-time income can ultimately evolve into a full-time business opportunity.


“It was great to chat with potential Master Franchisees interested in propelling our mission of expansion,” explained Lisa. “Connecting with these future partners was truly inspiring, and I look forward to seeing the positive impact they can make within our Stagecoach community. The enthusiasm and interest from prospects underscored the potential for success that lies within our network.”


Since the early 1970s, franchising has played a major role in Australia’s economy – boasting more outlets per capita than any country except New Zealand*. Consequently, this growth has intensified competition, making finding interested investors and partners crucial. Recently, Australian entrepreneurs have found success by actively seeking out and approaching international franchisors – underscoring why face-to-face meetings with prospects in Australia are vital for Stagecoach.


In light of this, Lisa added, “We believe Australia is a huge untapped market for us. We’ve witnessed a tremendous appetite for Stagecoach’s services, and following the resounding success of this event, we’re enthusiastic about extending our presence to more areas across the country. Places like Sydney and Canberra are brimming with potential, and I’m hopeful we’ll soon see franchisees launching their own success stories in these vibrant cities.”


Following the Expo, the team organised a special event exclusive to Stagecoach partners and those interested in the franchise model. They were invited to a reception and tour a Theatre Royal Sydney, which has been under the management of Stagecoach’s parent company, Trafalgar Entertainment Group, since 2020. Theatre Royal Sydney serves as the cornerstone of the group’s Asia-Pacific operations.

“It was amazing to have the opportunity to connect with potential prospects over drinks and canapés at the Theatre Royal,” explained Joseph. “The event showcased our commitment to excellence and allowed us to build valuable relationships with those interested in franchising with us. It’s a testament to the exciting future ahead for Stagecoach in the region.”


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