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Start a Rewarding Franchisee Career with Stagecoach Performing Arts 

Picking a business to join is no mean feat. Having the drive and ambition to run your own franchise business is half the battle but picking the franchise that’s right for you is equally important. At Stagecoach Performing Arts, we’re proud to bring the flexibility and support of a franchise model with the joy of working with children and inspiring the next generation. Since our origins in Surrey, UK 35 years ago, the brand has grown into a hugely successful international presence in the performing arts, children’s activity and franchising spheres with some of our longest serving franchisees running schools in Perth, Western Australia. Now, we’re looking to expand across the country and are recruiting franchisees to join the brand in other areas of Australia as well. 


Stagecoach Performing Arts run part-time performing arts schools for children aged 4-18. Our franchisees act as the Principals of their schools and recruit a team of teachers to deliver weekly singing, acting and dancing classes. Whilst developing performance skills is a huge part of what we do, it’s the core life skills of confidence, resilience and communication, as well as encouraging students to make new friends that are core to the Stagecoach ethos. 



Our franchisees benefit not just from being a part of such a strong brand, they also have a Support Centre team who can assist with all areas of managing their business. Each franchisee will have a Regional Franchise Manager who will support them through both the beginnings of their franchise and every step of the way following. At Stagecoach, there is always someone you can call if you need advice. The Support Centre has dedicated operations, marketing and IT teams that work on key policies and international marketing campaigns as well as offer guidance for individual franchisees for their businesses. 


Serena Kipling, the Principal of Stagecoach Perth, opened the first Australian Stagecoach school in 2000 and has been a dedicated franchisee ever since. She said, “It’s incredible to see how far the franchise has come since I launched the first Stagecoach school in Australia. We’re now regarded as one of the best performing arts opportunities for children in the area. As a franchisee, I get a lot of satisfaction out of running my business – seeing my students grow and develop in terms of their life skills, especially the ones who are very shy to begin with. Our branding of Creative Courage for Life is really something I connect with. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of Stagecoach for children.”


Serena is not the only Stagecoach Principal who has cited how rewarding the role is as a key reason for their love of being a Stagecoach franchisee. Alison Tasker of Stagecoach Perth South was familiar with Stagecoach in her home country of Wales, UK before relocating to Australia and starting up her own school.  Alison said, “2019 was such an exciting and rewarding year, I launched my franchise because of the demand for children’s performing arts opportunities outside of central Perth but, with that being said, I still can’t quite believe how much the business has grown in such a short space of time. A real highlight for me has been watching my students grow in confidence, as they’ve taken part in professional workshops and formed great friendships.”


Whilst both Alison and Serena have experience in the performing arts, they have also both explored other industries before taking on their franchises. Serena is a Chartered Engineer and Alison has worked in travel. Many franchisees across Stagecoach’s 3,000 schools internationally have performing arts backgrounds, being former performers and teachers, but equally, many come from the corporate world or have experience in different industries. Despite their various careers prior to joining the franchise, Stagecoach Principals all have a passion for the power of the performing arts and children’s education. The diversity of the Stagecoach network is one of its strengths, whilst some are familiar with franchising and bring their expertise into their Stagecoach business, some need more support in the world of business ownership which the Stagecoach business model can provide. We can accommodate whatever level of support an aspiring Stagecoach franchisee needs. 


One of the key ways Stagecoach maintains its strong, positive reputation across the eight countries we operate in is by leading with our ever-evolving Educational Framework. This details what skills and development our students should expect to receive at each stage of being a student. However, this isn’t a strict curriculum and it enables Principals and teachers to tailor their classes and term plans to the needs of their students. Every child that joins a Stagecoach class is unique so we aim to give our franchisees the freedom to run their schools their way and to respond to the individual students that walk through their doors. 


Whilst working in an established business model that has proven to be successful for over three decades, franchisees have the freedom to hire their own teaching team, pick their venue and decide what shows and performances their schools will work on. They are given the opportunity to be creative in their role as Principal of their school whilst also enjoying the safety net of a franchise that can help them start their own business without the risk. With time, many Stagecoach franchisees go on to open more schools within their set territories and even expand further into buying additional franchises within the business. We always encourage the growth of our franchisees and provide regular training opportunities to assist our network of 300 franchisees reach their full potential. 


If you’re interested in investing in a rewarding and exciting franchise opportunity with Stagecoach Performing Arts or would like to find out more, get in touch with the team at We’d love to hear from you.