Starting your own business is no mean feat, but season with the challenges of an ongoing pandemic and you may be left feeling like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Partnering with Subway® through a franchise business offers the benefits of entrepreneurship with the resources and brand recognition of Australia’s favourite cookies.

Acting Country Director of Subway® Australia and New Zealand, Scott Buckman, says Australians had a strong appetite for Subway® in 2021, and it’s only set to grow. 

“This year, we focused on what we know Australian’s love about Subway,” Mr Buckman says. “So, it’s all the more rewarding when Summer saw us hit our highest sales figures in over 6 years.”

Stir in a 200% increase in membership for its SubCard® loyalty program and more next-generation restaurants than ever, and Subway® is looking at a recipe for success in 2022 and beyond. 

Forging a fresh path  

Since emerging among the first regions globally to roll out Subway’s Fresh Forward modernisation program, Subway® Australia and New Zealand is reaching a pivotal milestone.

The program introduces a contemporary feel for new and existing restaurants that includes bright décor, wall art and curated music. The new look also includes digital menu boards, USB charging ports, free Wi-Fi and remote order pick-up areas.

“The number of restaurants using the next-generation design increased exponentially in 2021 compared to 2020,” Mr Buckamn says. “But the research tells us that consumers won’t see us in a new light until 50% of our network reaches that standard.” 

That’s a target that the brand aims to hit in 2022.

“At the close of 2021, 35% of our network was Fresh Forward. So, to reach 50% in 2022 isn’t an unrealistic target.”

The brand you know and love

There’s no substitute for a fresh Subway Footlong® made unique to you, right in front of your eyes. It might sound simple but focusing on the core of the brand has resonated with new and existing Subway® fans in a cluttered marketplace.

Through towering billboards spilling over with freshly made subs and commercials where salivating guests watch their favourite sandwich come to life, Subway® has embraced the fresh healthy options they’re famous for.

Their annual Christmas campaign focused the lens even further. Everybody’s Favourite Cookies took centre stage in community events including cookie decorating stations and travelling readings of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Guests returned the love, devouring almost 360,000 additional cookies in 2021 compared to 2020.

Guests are loving that Subway® is being Subway®. The brand is looking to continue the love into 2022 with a new range of merchandise already on the market and new product launches to come. 

Bringing tech to the table

2021 also saw the sandwich giant launch a redesign of their app that substantially improved the digital guest experience. The result was a two-fold increase in downloads a dramatic increase in sales through the platform.

But a revamped app isn’t Subway’s only heavy hitter in food tech as the popularity of the brand on third-party delivery apps continues to soar. 

“Guests choosing to order through an app has doubled since June 2020,” says Mr Buckman. “Our data also tells us that 1-in-5 Subway guests now order through a third-party app.”

With the brand launching MenuLog for New Zealand guests in early 2022, Mr Buckman is expecting a similar upward trajectory for the year ahead. 

Subway’s success is your success

Working alongside the largest quick-service retailer in Australia gives you the brand recognition and world-class support you need to succeed.

“Our goal is to amplify the Subway brand so our Franchises can bring the food we’re famous for into more communities across Australia,” Mr Buckman says.

Whether guests ordered through the app or in-restaurant, Mr Buckman reiterated that Subway®  will continue to deliver on their mission to provide the food guests crave, personalised to their liking, and readily available.  

“Our model provides the support for Franchisees to fulfil that market demand while securing success for themselves.”