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The Culinary Journey of Food

After finally coming out the other side of the pandemic, the food franchising industry can now build itself back up.  The word on the street is that in this year alone, consumers would spend $771 billion in restaurants.

The biggest staples in food franchising that stand straight out are McDonalds, KFC, Dominos and Subway.  These are known as the big brands because they have had decades of growth in the food market.

We are still seeing newcomers surging ahead like Guzman Y Gomez, Mad Mex, Zambrero, Gelatissmo, and Royal Stacks just to name a few.

We all love food (I mean I think about it most of my day, what to have for lunch, what are we doing for dinner….) and this is why getting on board with a food franchise could open up a whole new venture for you.  

As we near the end of 2022 after all that has happened in this industry we are looking for more food options, healthy versions, down to grabbing something quick on the go or to get out of the house and spend quality time conversing with loved ones over some new franchise restaurants that have hit the scene.

So let me take you on a culinary journey to give you some insight into who’s making it in the franchise food industry today.


Subway gives you a great opportunity to own your own business. The first Australian Subway opened in Perth in 1988 and the 1000th store in Victoria in 2007.  

Australia is listed as among the brand’s largest markets outside North America.  So instantly, you know they are successful, their Franchise works and who do you know that doesn’t run in and grab a Subway so we can feel like we are still keeping to our healthy goals for the day.  

Subway also offers full training to their franchisees and training classes are held throughout the calendar year.

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Guzman Y Gomez

Are you obsessed with great food?  Do you love all the tantalising flavours jumping around in your mouth, screaming out ‘GET IN MY BELLY’!  Well this is your brand.  

Guzman Y Gomez makes fresh, clean and delicious Mexican food and they are obsessed with it.

The founder, Steven Marks, was up against some of the biggest brands out there, so he knew he had to stand out in the market and they did.  This franchise will train you in the importance of your brand and the customer.

Guzman Y Gomez is full of fun as soon as you step foot in their doors.  So, if you are passionate, resilient, energetic and love being hands on within the business, then this is a sure shot recipe for success.  


Malaysia is one of the most multicultural countries in Southeast Asia, it is also the food capital of the world.  

Introducing Papparich.  Papparich is sharing their foods with the world and already has a presence in 11 countries.  Papparich wants their Malaysian food to be offered everywhere so if your love for food lies within bursts of flavour and colour and you want to be part of a growing culture, then Papparich will take you every step of the way.  

Papparich has a dedicated team to guide and advise you from the start to the finish, from marketing right through to logistics they will be by your side.


Did someone saygelato? Gelato represents happiness, love and flavour to inspire your senses.

Gelatissimo opened their doors in 2002 in the heart of Sydney on King Street.  They make their Gelato in store fresh daily with only the freshest ingredients.  They now have stores across China, Philippines, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, India and the United States.  Not to mention the awards they have received just in 2022 alone. 

There are five great reasons to get onboard with Gelato.  

  1. It’s a simple product that tastes divine
  2. Gelato appeals to a wide customer base.
  3. Family friendly and can be enjoyed by all.
  4. The store requires minimal space and equipment
  5. Less wastage as it is stored at a chilly -13 degrees.

If you feel like you should be in the scoop then get in touch at

Royal Stacks

Burgers, Burgers, Burgers???  The indulgent burger to be enjoyed with friends, family or simply a treat for yourself.  

Royal Stacks has been here since 2016 and they are not slowing down anytime soon. Bringing people together to experience their burgers from all walks of life.

Royal Stacks is expanding nationally which means their success is on the mark.   They have created a menu like no other and people generally just want more.

Royal Stacks are even offering a 4 to 6 weeks in restaurant experience and ongoing head office support to make sure your transition is smooth into owning your new business.  So if your ready to build your own kingdom get in touch here


Vietnamese Food at its best!!  If you haven’t been to Roll’d, then from my experience, you are definitely missing out!  They make it fast and fresh and every bite is magical.

From Dumplings to Pho Noodle Soup, Rice Paper Rolls, the Baguettes (my fav)  the menu will entertain everyone.

Roll’d is currently celebrating 10 years of success. How did they become so successful?  Here’s two I came up with

  1. They have no major competitors; and
  2. They have learnt to invest in developing their people which in turn is a mutual benefit in building their brand.

Roll’d have expanded their presence across 5 states and have now opened more than 70 stores.

To help you get started, Roll’d has access to the correct tools and technology to enable you to achieve, such as, online communication and training platforms for on the ground support.  They ensure their partners are set up to achieve their best results.  

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