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The Fernwood Experience

When you look at the loyalty and dedication of Fernwood’s members, it’s unsurprising to see that many go on to become franchisees. The Fernwood experience is like no other, which franchisees Guneet Cheema and Mong Thanh Nguyen (fondly known as MT to her team and the Fernwood network) wholeheartedly attest to.

Driven by being accessible to any woman, Fernwood’s unique business model has created a brand with a diverse range of clients and franchisees by putting the needs of their people first. As members of their local Fernwood clubs, Guneet and MT instantly fell in love with the brand and all that it stands for – the genuine care factor, exceptional customer service, the community feel with a welcoming and empowering ambience, plus a comfortable and supportive environment for women to train. 


Fernwood’s community initially resonated with MT so deeply that she trained to become a Cycle instructor, sharing her passion by delivering classes for the club. “Women supporting women – it’s real and it’s true. In Fernwood clubs you feel so supported and motivated when you are here,” says MT. This passion for women’s health and her obsession with group fitness eventually led to the purchase of the first of her two clubs, where MT takes pride in being part of the lives of women – their joys, cultures, struggles and triumphs.


Despite increasing competition, Fernwood maintains its steadily increasing nationwide network with ongoing support in all areas of the business and in-club operations, while being more than just a franchise to women like Guneet. “If you’re new to all of this, then you’re just like me when I started out,” says Guneet.  


From the very beginning of the franchising process, every single Fernwood franchisee is supported at a high level from sales and marketing to customer service and staff development by the National Support team. With support systems in place from online webinars to in-club training and constant, approachable support from the national office, Guneet and MT have successfully launched businesses that empower not only themselves, but other women in the community too.


“I had no previous experience of running a gym, but I was offered so much support from the National Support Office (NSO) and other franchisees from initial setup and as my business continued to grow. The team at NSO guides you through every step and they’re always a phone call away,” Guneet continues.


For those considering their own franchise opportunity, MT’s advice to succeed is to be passionate about the industry, and to believe in the brand because the brand will guide you. This guidance and Guneet and MT’s careful planning has seen them consistently achieve strong results while staying true to their members and the community they have created. “I truly feel fulfilled every day and grateful to have been given this opportunity,” states MT with a smile.


17 years after joining Fernwood as a member, MT owns two Fernwood clubs where she and her talented team share the same vision of empowering women to be their very best, finding purpose in achieving individual goals together, and helping them become better than yesterday – both physically and mentally. And just two years after joining the Fernwood Family, Guneet is thrilled to have purchased her third club and absolutely loves being part of the network where she can do what she does best.

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