During the challenges of the COVID -19 pandemic, the franchisees of Kumon Australia and New Zealand support their local communities by building businesses that provide high quality, after school mathematics and English programmes for children of all ages.

Kumon is looking to expand its contribution to new communities by opening new franchises. Read on to learn more about how Kumon franchisees contribute to their communities:

1 Help build a bright future

Kumon franchisees help students build a bright future through individualised instruction of the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes. Franchisees build students’ mental calculation and reading comprehension, confidence, study skills and the ability to self-learn, which is to process, retain and understand information without the presence of a teacher.

Throughout their careers, franchisees in Australia and New Zealand helped hundreds of students in their local communities grow into confident self-learners. “It’s about seeing students’ progress every day and trying to achieve their own personal best without comparing themselves to anyone and working at their own right level”, explains Simran Bath, franchisee of Kumon Mitchell Park Education Centre in Adelaide.

“When a student achieves that which they are capable of, it’s a success for each child. You have franchisees who have put 20 or even 30 years of their life into Kumon, because they see how their work improves the lives of

2 Nurture relationships in your local community

Each and every day, Kumon franchisees build positive relationships within their community. They communicate with and establish a connection with their students and with students’ parents during consultations, parent orientation sessions and regular contact regarding their child’s progress.

“When you communicate the progress the child has made, you can see the happiness in the child’s face and how proud they are of themselves. You can see in their parent’s face as well, the pride that such a big change has occurred”, says Ynna McDonald, franchisee of Kumon St Marys Education Centre in Sydney.

Furthermore, when franchisees conduct local area marketing, they build relationships with the wider community, including through participating in community events, communicating with local schools, running business social media accounts, and advertising through local media channels.

Kumon Australia and New Zealand has also recently partnered with children’s sports organisations in several Australian states. More partnerships are slated for 2022. These are yet one more opportunity for franchisees to build relationships within their local community.

3 Join a community of passionate business owners and educators

Kumon franchisees belong to a more than 300-strong community of business owners and educators spread across Australia and New Zealand. Kumon franchisees network, celebrate achievements and learn from one
another. They make lifelong friendships and contribute to this community by sharing their knowledge and experience for the benefit of all.

In 2020 and 2021, Kumon franchisees have supported each other by actively participating in online workshops and seminars. Kumon Australia and New Zealand also held the virtual Kumon Instructor Awards Ceremony
in these years, with more than 200 franchisees joining to celebrate each other’s achievements.

Franchisees not only support their local communities; they support each other to succeed.