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Transforming Customer Relationship Management: A Case Study of PACK & SEND’s SalesSpeak

SalesSpeak is the latest Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software designed for PACK & SEND franchise partners, aimed at centralising customer data and interactions to enhance customer relationships and increase sales and profitability. Set to launch in June 2024 after a successful pilot, SalesSpeak aims to revolutionise how franchise partners manage their customer interactions and business operations.


The Significance of CRM in Modern Business

In today’s competitive business environment, a CRM system is indispensable. CRM systems, like SalesSpeak, provide enhanced customer understanding by collecting comprehensive data, including demographics, preferences, purchase history, and interactions. This allows businesses to gain valuable insights into customer behaviour and tailor their services accordingly.


Moreover, CRMs improve customer service by centralising data, enabling faster information retrieval, and facilitating better service. They also support targeted marketing campaigns by segmenting customers based on their preferences and purchase history. Additionally, CRMs streamline sales processes by offering robust lead management, tracking opportunities, and ensuring seamless information sharing among sales teams.


Importantly, CRMs help in customer retention and loyalty by maintaining a holistic view of customer interactions, identifying upselling or cross-selling opportunities, and nurturing long-term relationships. Satisfied and loyal customers often become brand advocates, promoting the business through word-of-mouth and referrals, thus driving customer acquisition.


Essential Features of a CRM

SalesSpeak exemplifies the range of features a good CRM needs to streamline business operations and enhance customer management:


Centralised Data Management: Ensuring franchise partners can access and manage customer information efficiently.


Real-Time Integration with Business Systems: Automatically updating data to reduce manual entry and ensure accuracy. Any changes in PACK & SEND’s POS system, are automatically reflected in SalesSpeak in real-time.


Tailored Functionality: Incorporating specific features for unique business operations, such as key job management and logistics handling process for PACK & SEND operations.



Effective Marketing Campaign Management: Offering preloaded templates and centralised targeting for streamlined marketing efforts. SalesSpeak comes with a broad range of templates allowing franchise partners to manage their marketing communications effortlessly.


Comprehensive Reporting: Providing robust reporting tools to monitor daily performance indicators and drive informed decision-making.


Development and Uniqueness of SalesSpeak

SalesSpeak was developed by PrintSpeak, an Australian software development and business intelligence company. What sets SalesSpeak apart is its native integration with PACK & SEND’s system architecture and proprietary POS system, GMx. This integration ensures that all customer data, sales information, and other relevant details are automatically and in real-time synchronised between GMx and SalesSpeak, without any additional user action. This seamless integration extends GMx functionalities, combining customer personal and company data with sales data to provide a comprehensive view of business operations.

SalesSpeak is designed specifically for PACK & SEND service centres, incorporating business-specific categories such as “jobs” and “courier handling.” It also allows for centralised marketing campaigns, where marketing initiatives are preloaded and target customers are selected centrally, simplifying the campaign process for franchise partners.



Economic Returns for Franchise Partners

Implementing a CRM system like SalesSpeak offers significant economic benefits for franchise partners. By increasing sales, improving customer loyalty, saving costs through automation, and optimising marketing efforts, SalesSpeak provides a substantial return on investment. For instance, CRMs can boost sales by 29%, improve conversion rates by 300%, and increase productivity by 34% (statistics from

CRM systems enable businesses to nurture and retain customers, leading to higher lifetime value and increased revenue. Automation of repetitive tasks allows for more efficient resource allocation and minimises errors, while targeted marketing campaigns maximise the return on marketing investments. Additionally, CRMs enhance customer service efficiency, leading to faster response times, efficient issue resolution, and improved customer satisfaction.

Data-driven decision-making is another critical advantage of CRMs, allowing businesses to analyse customer behaviour, market trends, and sales performance to identify growth opportunities and optimise strategies .


Launch and Future Prospects

SalesSpeak was successfully piloted in selected PACK & SEND service centres in early 2024 and is scheduled for network-wide rollout in June 2024. PACK & SEND has developed a comprehensive training and onboarding program to ensure franchise partners receive the tools and support needed to maximise the usage and effectiveness of SalesSpeak in their local franchise.

“The goal is to ensure that SalesSpeak not only meets the immediate needs of franchise partners today, but that it also continues to evolve, making the franchise network stronger and more competitive over the long term”, says Riccardo Cepparulo, VP Marketing at PACK & SEND.


SalesSpeak is poised to transform customer relationship management for PACK & SEND franchise partners. By centralising customer data, streamlining operations, and enhancing customer service and marketing efforts, SalesSpeak offers a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique needs of PACK & SEND service centres. With its robust features and significant economic benefits, SalesSpeak is set to be an invaluable tool for franchise partners aiming to boost their business performance and overall customer satisfaction.

By leveraging the power of CRM, the PACK & SEND franchise network can look forward to improved efficiency, increased sales, and stronger customer relationships, ensuring sustained growth and success in a competitive business landscape.