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VIDSTEP provides a fresh, new and highly effective approach to the evolving balance of systemisation and automation to support the next generation workforce.

Is it fair to say that the technologies we use to manage our businesses are evolving more rapidly than ever before?

Have Gen-Z’s entering the workforce been raised with technology as a major part of their existence?

Of course these are leading questions and the obvious answer is ‘Yes’ to both of the above. 


With that said, these technologies and this workforce are forming the frontlines of our businesses and we must start to think differently. 


It’s critical that we understand the change afoot and ensure we are truly competitive as we face this exponential rate of change.


In any growing business, especially a franchised business, the human system and the processes which support the team have always been the essential element for scale and leverage. 


Without Systemisation, we all know quality and consistency comes crashing down and owners revert to micromanaging and putting out constant fires. Growth dies.


In my many years in business process management, I have always been clear that your business must be viewed as a single system.


That single system is made up of clear and distinct departments, and each department has its own workflow. On these workflows, you see a series of tasks, which show you your process titles.


Of course, processes are then simply an instruction to clearly define “a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end” in completing those said tasks. Simple right?


Any software or technology the team used in addition to this, was always viewed as a tool for operational efficiencies and this has always been second nature to me, and essential in helping others to keep it simple and see it too. 


However, things started to blur a few years ago with the increasing advancement of industry-based management technologies.


Technologies such as CRM’s or job, task and project management software, which teams use as their operational go-to tool, spending most of their days using it.


Until recently, I stood firm on the human centric system existing as the priority, which then dictates what the management software must do, and indeed, which management software a business should choose in the first place. 


But these industry management software’s have become so intelligent and comprehensive, that for better or worse, much of the human centric system is now greatly automated.


This new re-balance of the scales of systemisation versus automation, forced myself and my Vidstep team to think much differently to address the obvious change, and to predict where the future lies. Systemisation is still critical, but it must be harmonious with these new levels of automation. 


We looked at existing software that deals with systemisation and process content, and we could see that although there are already some very good solutions that convert process documents to cloud based solutions with video, these are essentially a modern take on a somewhat antiquated method that will soon become redundant and subject to great change.


Vidstep invested heavily in development these past couple of years, to address these issues and provide a fresh, new and highly effective approach to the evolving balance of systemisation and automation, and to support the next generation workforce.  


It’s time to think differently and I hope this inspires you to do so.


Travis Reading. Co-Founder and CEO Vidstep


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