Battery World

Category: Retail
Nature of Business: Australia’s most comprehensive battery retailer
Year established:1997
Number of outlets:110
FCA & Australian Retail Association
Initial Fee: $55,000 (excl GST)
Minimum Investment: $250,000 (excluding GST) including Initial Fee
Contact: Stuart Hendricks
Phone: 1300 793 209
Level 3, 203 Wharf Street
Spring Hill

Over the past 20 years Battery World has expanded to be the largest and most comprehensive Australian battery retail franchise.

The Battery World franchise network is a fast growing, sustainable, reputable franchise that continues to dominate the specialist battery market. With over 110 stores Australia wide and with more set to open, it’s never been a better time to start your own business backed by a nationally established franchise network.

Our Batteryologists are everyday people who have a passion for their work and for helping their customers.

To find out more on becoming a Batteryologist and becoming your own boss contact us today!

Call us on 1300 793 209 or visit:

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