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Nature of Business: School kids sports & fitness programs

Year established: 2007

Number of outlets: 17

Association Membership: Sporting Schools

Initial Fee: $25,000 + GST

Minimum Investment: $10,000 + GST in two instalments as we offer a $15,000 +GST finance’

Contact: Kim O’Donnell

Phone: 1300 432 565



GeckoSports searches for new Aussie sports coaches, offering a chance to start a business for just $5,000!


  • GeckoSports is offering Aussies a chance to do something smart and worthwhile with their hard-earned money

  • Australia’s school kids multi-sports and fun fitness experts are offering an incredible opportunity for passionate sports coaches to start a business for just five thousand dollars

  • Giving affordable opportunities to people who could only ever dream of a career like this!

As a way of giving something back during this challenging time, GeckoSports is offering Australian’s the incredible opportunity for passionate sports coaches or sports lovers to become a business partner helping to kick start a worthwhile and smart new life-changing career with only a small upfront investment.

Kim O’Donnell, Director and Owner of GeckoSports said: “We want to support Aussies during this uncertain and stressful pandemic by offering them a real chance to create an all-new, fulfilling and profitable career. Working with children every day and having the freedom to be outdoors, in a mobile active job, is a dream come true for many and we are thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity to others”. Kim goes on to explain “An investment should always provide a positive return, not only will a Gecko business provide a positive emotive impact on your life and wellbeing but it will also return your investment within the first year, that’s unheard of in business these days!”. “We’re looking for motivated and passionate sports coaches who want to earn good money in a career they love, or perhaps you may be a sports lovers who want career change who couldn’t imagine an opportunity like this not only exists but, be affordable and FUN!”.

This lucrative Franchise announcement comes in the wake of GeckoSports launching their all-new ON DEMAND online program. For parents home-schooling or with children home on school holidays, the program ensures children’s physical education doesn’t get forgotten. For only $100 per household, families can access the online program, anywhere, anytime… on demand.


GeckoSports have formulated their kids’ programs for ‘real results’. The programs are aligned to the national PDPHE physical education curriculum and designed for school-aged kids.

Some of the sports and fun fitness programs include Soccer, Basketball, Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, Netball, AFL Footy, Mini Olympics, Boxing Bootcamp, Strength Fitness, Cardio Fitness as well as a Family Fitness Bootcamp and even Ninja fun fitness challenges!

To take the first positive step to a more fulfilling new career, head to the GeckoSports website to learn what, why and how they do what they do that Aussie kids, families and schools all over the country love and are crying out for.

Find out more about the GeckoSports business opportunity here → or for a confidential no-obligation chat call 1300 432 565



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