Nature of Business: After-school tuition franchise

Year established: 1984 in Australia, 1958 worldwide

Number of outlets: 322

Association Membership: Franchise Council of Australia

Initial Fee: $5000

Minimum Investment: Can range from $4,000 to $30,000

Contact: Jacqueline Robles / Michael Susanto

Phone: (03) 9684 8700


PO Box 5363,

West Chatswood, NSW

Kumon Australia and New Zealand

In 1954, Toru Kumon, a high school maths teacher in Japan, found that his year two son had done poorly in a mathematics test. Slow, imprecise calculation skill was the reason. This concerned Toru Kumon as a parent, and as a mathematics teacher. He had taught many high school students who struggled with mathematics for the same reason. So, he began to hand write worksheets so his son could practice calculations by himself for half an hour every day. Day after day, he carefully matched the content to his son’s improving ability. Soon, his son progressed beyond school grade level. By the end of primary six he could solve calculus equations. Encouraged by his son’s progress, in 1958, Toru Kumon released his worksheet-based, home-study method.

And today, more than 3.72 million students, in over 57 countries, study Kumon worksheets every day. There are than 42,000 students studying with Kumon in Australia, each progressing according to ability. The most advanced students are extended and the least advanced supported. Each student makes progress at their own pace, not bound by age and school grade.

Kumon franchisees have the opportunity to build an exciting and worthwhile business that contributes to their local communities. Kumon is searching for potential franchisees with a strong desire to work with children and high regard for education. Proficiency in both mathematics and English, and an undergraduate degree is required. Business acumen, including strong communication and customer service skills will also help to run a successful business.
Become part of our global movement and provide the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes to children within your local community.






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