How to Build Social Proof and Engagement on LinkedIn

Social Proof is one of the key influencers that people use when making a decision on who to do business with via the internet. People look to the experiences of other customers, and  that’s why testimonials and celebrity endorsements have been so powerful for businesses for decades.

In fact, social proof is one of the main reasons why social media itself became so popular. We saw our friends, family and other professionals using it, and mastering this concept can  make a huge difference in your success on social media. When done right, social media success grows exponentially over time. Your time and money investment – unlike other most  traditional media – becomes more and more profitable over time, and those numbers and the benefits grow exponentially.

That is why it’s so hard to track accurate metrics, if you’re only looking at the short-term financial return on investment. The longer you have been using social media and the more  strategic you are about the time you put into it, the more results you get from it.

The basic Social Proof items to be mindful of on LinkedIn are:
• Network
• Engagement
• Endorsements
• Recommendations
• Projects
• Publications
• Groups

Here are some tips on how to generate more engagement on LinkedIn:

Contribute in LinkedIn Groups

Find relevant groups talking about your brand or industry and join them to better understand customer needs and industry trends. Apply these insights to the Company Updates you  post to engage followers with relevant content. You’re welcome to join the Group that I manage, The Entrepreneur Club Australia & NZ.

Follow Channels and Influencers

It’s important to stay in the know — follow channels and thought leaders (Influencers) to create a curated feed of industry news and insights that can  inspire your own Company Updates.

Post Company Updates

Showcase your expertise and build relationships with followers with Company Updates. Share articles, company news, industry trends, and insights. On average, companies that post  20 times per month reach at least 60 per cent of their unique audience. Follow a regular posting schedule to develop relationships with your followers, drive brand loyalty, and bring  about new opportunities.

Demonstrate Value to Followers

Build engagement and trust with a stream of rich, insightful content. For every post promoting your company, make sure four posts focus on thought leadership or industry trends.

Encourage Engagement

Prompt colleagues and followers to take action on your post – every like, comment, and share increases your reach throughout the LinkedIn network.

Create Diversified Content

Rich media such as photos and video is known to increase both comments and shares. Incorporate these formats — along with SlideShare presentations and links to articles — to maximise engagement with your posts.

Monitor and Refine Company Updates

Monitor your Company Update reach and engagement numbers to see what’s resonating with your audience. Test days, times, topics, and formats, and adapt as you learn.

Leverage Your Content

Use successful blog posts, articles, and updates from your other social platforms to create a highquality stream of LinkedIn Company Updates.

Dive in to Comments

Engage with followers who comment on your updates to help build loyalty, continue the conversation, and further establish your thought leadership. People like to know they’re heard  - give them some encouragement!

Broadcast Through Your Networks Inhouse

Prompt colleagues to share your Company Page updates. Not only will this increase your company’s visibility to new customers and potential hires, it’ll also help establish a company culture where employees are engaged with your brand and mission.

Sponsor Your Updates

Sponsored Updates let you reach beyond your follower base and target your exact LinkedIn audience to raise brand awareness, build relationships, and drive quality leads. Sponsored Updates appear in feeds across devices (smartphone, desktop, and tablet), giving you more opportunities to reach the people that matter.

Become a Publisher

The Publications section is a great place to get the word out on your writing and show the world you are an expert. Everyone can be an author or publisher on LinkedIn. Do not think  this section is only for books you have written. You can add already published articles or post new ones, you’ll have an option to add pictures, links to share it with the readers of your  LinkedIn profile. Publishing posts and articles is a great way to build credibility on your profile.

Even with franchise sales that you can’t source back to the internet, you can safely assume that a vast majority of candidates will research your franchise system online either before or during their decision making process.

Managing Director Nathanial Bibby has assisted over 3,500 businesses with their sales and marketing strategies and is a regular commentator and speaker in the Digital Marketing and Social Selling industries. Bibby Consulting Group provide Australian businesses with cutting-edge sales and marketing services to help fulfil their business objectives.

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