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Happy New Year, and welcome to the January/February issue of Business Franchise Australia and New Zealand.

2019 is set to be a fantastic year in franchising, with the many changes that took place throughout 2018 paving the way for a bright and positive year ahead.

7-Eleven feature on the cover of our January/February issue, with a great cover story all about the successes of franchisee, Mandeep Singh. The transition from a 7-Eleven corporate store manager to a 7-Eleven franchise partner provided Mandeep with increased flexibility and control, and he and his family have continued to find success with 7-Eleven.

The feature for this issue of Business Franchise Australia and New Zealand is retail franchising, and we have some great profiles and expert advice articles to inform you about all the happenings in this thriving industry within the franchising sector. In this issue, FC Business Solutions have written an insightful article on how retailers can win back customers to brick and mortar stores – unsurprisingly, the answer is digital. The National Retail Association take a look at the impact of the Vulnerable Workers Act on franchisor/franchisee relations one year on, along with profiles from Clark Rubber, BoConcept, The Lott and many more!

As usual, you will find the latest news, best industry profiles and most informative expert advice articles from expert in franchising throughout the pages of the latest issue of Business Franchise Australia and New Zealand.

Enjoy our January/February issue!

Meaghan Galindo