250,000 Hot Cross Buns to be baked this Thursday by Brumby’s


Brumby’s Bakeries across the country are expecting to make a quarter of a million Hot Cross Buns this Thursday in the lead up to Easter, with the brand also expecting to use upwards of 2,000kg of Nutella on the day.

Over one million Hot Cross Buns are baked and sold by Brumby’s every year, with a quarter of all these due to be sold on the brand’s biggest baking day of the year Bun Thursday – March 24.

Brumby’s Bakery General Manager David Dinnes said the Thursday before Easter is the most popular day for people purchasing Brumby’s famous Hot Cross Buns.

“Easter is the busiest time of year for our bakers as Hot Cross Buns have become a staple of Australian Easter celebrations,” he said.

“The Thursday before Easter has become so popular to purchase our buns that we have named it ‘Bun Thursday’.

“Our bakers will be getting into store while our customers are still sleeping and will spend hours kneading, proofing and watching as their delicious handcrafted buns slowly rise in the oven.”

Mr Dinnes said the secret to making the best buns comes down to the aroma, texture and overall taste.

“Brumby’s know that the best Hot Cross Buns are ones that have been made fresh daily from quality ingredients and that have been handcrafted by a skilful baker,” he said.

“Our Hot Cross Buns have a fruity aroma that is more enhanced when lightly toasted.

“The texture is soft and fluffy and the appearance is golden, lightly glazed and finished with a white cross.”

Mr Dinnes said this year the brand will be tempting customers with new flavour sensation.

“This year we have created a product that has the best of both buns – Traditional and Nutella Hot Cross Buns,” he said.

“Our new Hot Cross Buns have even more Nutella and are filled with the delectable fruits and spices you will find in a Traditional Hot Cross Bun.”

Brumby’s Bakery works closely with their Aussie wheat supplier Manildra to ensure the brand continues to support hardworking Aussie farmers and bring top quality Australian product to its customers.