5 Effective Ways to Improve Franchise Management


When your business grows into a franchise, you have more responsibilities as you get more stores, employees, products, customers, and more moving parts. Managing them can be challenging and overwhelming, but you can grow your franchise to greater heights with the proper management strategies.

Every successful franchise utilizes elements like professionalism, communication, technology, creativity, and partnerships. It would help if you also had skills, technique, and adequate planning for franchise management success. Here are effective ways to improve franchise management.




1.   Invest in technology

Technology has provided tools that make it easy to manage a franchise. Tools like enterprise resource planning (ERP) help optimize inventory levels and the supply chain, along with improving marketing and sales. The customer relationship management (CRM) tool helps you understand, manage, and connect with your customer base, enabling you to learn more about your clients to categorize them into subgroups for easy communication tracking between them and your employees.

Technology also provides an employee management solution for effective management of the workforce. You can also take advantage of Departmental Document Scanners to optimize workflow that involves paper. More technological advancements to invest in may include advanced POS technology, back-of-house management, KPI tracking, social media, mobile apps, and online ordering.

2.   Leverage workflow automation

Workflow automation software automates most manual business processes like finance, human resource, and marketing departments. The correct use of the workflow automation software streamlines communication, saves costs by eliminating costly errors, increasing accountability, empowering employees, improving efficiency and work quality, and boosting productivity.

The key features to look for in the software include access control to ensure data accuracy, an easy-to-use builder, participant alerts to notify team members about their tasks, integrations, progress trackers, data security, and KPI report. Find a workflow automation software that is easy to use and has several business functions to help improve the management of your franchise.

3.   Use a franchise management software

A franchise management software enables franchisors to manage multiple locations and stores in real-time effectively. Besides being a bridge between franchisors and franchisees, franchise management software helps optimize inventory control, offers actionable reporting and analytics, and enhances communication and collaboration.

4.   Set up open communication channels

For a franchise to thrive, there has to be open, honest communication. Communication with franchisees should be clear, concise, and regularly to share ideas and solve issues. Ensuring clear communication channels between partners, employees, franchisees, and stakeholders enhances operations, builds reputation, and satisfies franchisees. It also helps you answer client questions, sends updates, ensures that everyone is on the same page and working towards common goals.

5.   Encourage customer care training

The way your customers feel when they visit your stores determines whether they’ll come back or not. The success of your franchise depends on your clients. Customers expect to get the same experience from a franchise business. It’s essential to ensure that they receive a similar experience in all your locations and stores, so they keep coming back. Encourage customer care training for employees across all sites to ensure a similar client experience.




Managing a franchise isn’t easy, but you can become an efficient manager with suitable systems and solutions. Use the above tips to improve your franchise management.