$500,000 worth of gifts to be given away on Christmas Day by The Cheesecake Shop


$500,000 worth of gifts to be given away on Christmas Day by The Cheesecake Shop

The Cheesecake Shop will be giving away $500,000 worth of gifts on Christmas Day as part of a dual Christmas campaign.

The campaign will exclusively target people who don’t shop with the brand, don’t follow the brand on social media or exist on their eDM database. There will be a mix of higher value gifts such as $500 gift cards for major retailers and smaller value gifts such as free Pavlovas and $5 and $10 off Cheesecake Shop vouchers which will be sent out via email on Christmas Day.

“Everyone loves receiving a gift on Christmas Day and this campaign plays on the anticipation of receiving that gift. It’s not very common for a brand to give away Christmas gifts to people who have not made a purchase with them. We believe that it will be a big draw card to speak to people who are typically not our customers. By making the vouchers only redeemable in January, the purpose of this campaign goes beyond Christmas and focuses on increasingcustomer numbers and sales during a period which is generally slower for our stores,” says Peter Dable, General Manager of Marketing and Operations.

Digital advertising will be the back bone of this campaign and will include initiatives such as page take overs of key sites like Ninemsn and Kidspot as well as Google and social media advertising.

Advertising will take consumers to a secret promo microsite where they will need to sign up with their name, email address and postcode to enter the promotion.

“We have consciously implemented a simple entry mechanic across multiple promotions now and Christmas is no different. We want every person who clicks through to the promo site to sign up and not to navigate away due to cumbersome details having to be filled in,” comments Peter.

Adding yet another layer to this campaign, each person who signs up will also form part of a database, allowing the brand to communicate to 100,000 new potential customers if the sign up target is reached.

The campaign to existing customers will focus on the 12 best-selling cakes from the brand’s core range –‘The 12 Cakes of Christmas’ and will form part of the promotion to win a $10,000 holiday voucher.

The Cheesecake Pavlova is making a limited time comeback to the product range this Christmas as well after being very well received by customers last year.

“We’re looking forward to a profitable Christmas period for our franchisees and seeing new customers through the doors during January,” says Peter.