Theft and break ins are on the rise in some Australian capital cities[1] and with more people returning to workplaces, porch pirates could be on the rise too.



Now, leading courier service CouriersPlease 

(CP) has done the research and provided seven ways Aussies can safeguard their deliveries this year.


Some major cities have already seen an uptick in incidents as restrictions continue to be scaled back: in 2021, Brisbane City reported a 22 per cent increase in theft on the previous year,[2] while Melbourne saw a 13 per cent increase in thefts reported on the previous year.[3]


CP is setting the benchmark in Australia for fast and secure parcel deliveries, achieving top spot in the Canstar Blue 2021 Most Satisfied Customers ranking for Small Business Courier Services, where it also achieved five stars in ‘Pick Up and Drop Off Options’.


Chief Transformation Officer Jessica Ip says the CP parcel collection-point network of more than 2000 retail outlets has been key to safeguarding the parcels of millions of Australians. More than 1.3 million parcels have been delivered through its collection point network in the last 12 months.[4]


She says: “As long as Australians continue to be mindful of venues that might pose infection risks, the online shopping phenomenon will continue. In the last two years, new purchase habits have also been formed and many shoppers now likely prefer to shop online for the convenience. CP delivered tens of millions of parcels in 2021, and we expect that volume to grow this year.


However, now that restrictions have eased and the country has reopened completely, porch pirates are likely to take advantage of unoccupied houses. In fact, in the last year, more than 14.8 million parcels were delivered by CP with an authority to leave instruction.[5] For this reason, it is more important than ever for Australians to ensure they have a safe place on their property for couriers to leave parcels securely. Fortunately, there are also a number of things shoppers can do to ensure the safety of their deliveries.”


Jessica shares 7 tips for shoppers to safeguard their orders this year.


  1. Shop with retailers that provide insurance. Parcel insurance covers the purchase value of lost, damaged or stolen deliveries and is ideal to seek when shopping for high value or fragile items. Aussies can purchase insurance cover, particularly for more expensive items, which is offered by many retailers during the checkout process. Some retailers will automatically add insurance to its delivery fee for higher value items, providing peace of mind and assurance to customers.[6] Depending on the price of the item, insurance can start from as little as $2.[7] Larger online retailers, such as Kogan and eBay, offer affordable, additional insurance on orders allowing customers to organise replacement or repair of an item if it is stolen, damaged or faulty.[8] It is important for Aussies to be aware that if they select ‘authority to leave’ on an item, their parcel may no longer be covered by insurance.[9]
  2. Consider having parcels delivered to your workplace or a trusted friend or neighbour. Parcel recipients who know they won’t be home to receive a parcel would be wise to have parcels delivered to their workplace, if permitted. Organising delivery to a trusted friend or relative who is always at home is also a great alternative for safe deliveries. Some couriers will also allow parcels to be redirected to a different address while in transit. For instance, couriers such as CP allow parcel recipients to redirect parcels to a neighbour up to three houses away, even on the day of delivery.
  3. Choose a collection point. Having orders delivered to a collection location such as a petrol station, newsagent or pharmacy can guarantee the security of the parcel. Many of these collection points are also open after hours, and some – such as petrol stations – come with parking. Aussies can choose to have a parcel delivered to a collection location during the checkout process.
  4. Set up a simple WIFI security camera. Wifi, battery-powered weatherproof cameras are affordable options, and available at major retail outlets from around $160. Many come with two-way talk capabilities and programmable real-time motion, spotlights and loud sirens for night-time deterrence.[10] Popular brands come with a smartphone app, allowing users to view the detection area in real time, listen to and talk to visitors and couriers, and receive notifications via the app. These cameras can last several months before requiring recharging[11] and users can save and archive footage through a monthly subscription, starting at $4.[12]
  5. Invest in a lockable parcel box. Parcel boxes are a worthwhile investment for those who regularly purchase high-value goods and want further peace of mind. A lockable parcel box works similarly to a public post box. Couriers open the top door of the box and place parcels on the plastic flap. Once the lid is closed, the parcels can only be removed through a locked door at the bottom. The top of the box only allows objects to enter, and nothing can be taken out through the top. The boxes can be bolted down to the front porch of a home or weight can be added to the bottom, making the box difficult to lift. Boxes can retail from $100-500 at major retail outlets, such as Bunnings.[13]
  6. Request discrete packaging for high value goods. Some retailers will automatically offer the option at checkout for customers to choose sustainable, non-branded packaging for their order. This option is also suitable for safeguarding high value goods. When shopping with retailers that don’t offer such options at checkout, shoppers could contact customer service and ask for the item to be placed in discrete packaging, free from branding.
  7. Involve the community. A great way to keep the neighbourhood safe and reduce parcel theft is to organise a neighbourhood watch group. These groups are often created on social media, and are often exclusive to members in a suburb, street or apartment building. Members can report suspicious sightings and keep neighbours informed regarding theft and other issues.



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