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9D Action Cinemas ride to open at Westfield Hornsby

9D Action Cinemas will open a new 6 seat, action ride cinema at Westfield Hornsby in September 2014. This exhilarating amusement ride boasts the latest technology in dynamic, multi-dimensional family entertainment in Australia.

Patrons experience dramatic movement in every direction while secured in the Ferrari style seats. The movement is synchronized with the animated 3D movie being screened with surround sound, while dramatic effects such as rain, wind, snow, lightning, bubbles, fog and leg whips create a frenzy of sensations.

Enjoyed by adults and children alike, patrons actually feel like they are part of the movie. There are many movies to choose from and each ride lasts between 6 and 10 minutes.

Typical favourites are Ride the Roller Coaster, Snow War and for younger children, Fly Through The Jungle. Prices range from $5 for infants, $10 for students and $14 for adults, however, substantial savings are available for 2 successive rides for different movies.

“The technology is leading edge and the systems and machinery are especially designed for Australian conditions” said Nigel Corne, the Managing Director.

“This is the ultimate simulator amusement ride and safety and care have been our primary  concerns. Video monitors outside allow parents to watch their children on the ride if they are not brave enough to experience it themselves!” continued Mr Corne.

Mr Corne explained “the success of 9D Darling Harbour has allowed us to accelerate our plans for expansion and we are receiving many enquiries from persons wanting to own a franchise”.

The latest Household Survey showed the average Australian spent $1,236 on goods and services, an increase of 38% or $4,343 per week since 2004. One of the largest increases was in recreation, up 41% or $47 per week. This highlights the growing opportunity for 9D Action Cinemas franchises as the focus is on the recreation market. 9D Action Cinemas are located in major regional shopping centres or tourism precincts.