9Round: 30min Kickboxing Fitness


About 9Round

9Round was created in the USA in 2008 by world champion kickboxer Shannon Hudson, who wanted to create a system where you could train like a fighter but never get hit! 9Round has grown quickly to over 750 clubs worldwide and is in the top 20 of the Entrepreneur’s Fastest Growing Franchise list for 2019. New to Australia, 9Round is still in its infancy with the backing of a global parent company, Lift Brands Elevated Wellness Companies. Lift Brands is the world’s largest wellness franchise organisation, with 19 clubs open and operating in Australia and healthy growth ahead for the brand.

What does 9Round do?

9Round fitness is a specialised fitness centre dedicated to circuit training, with an emphasis on kickboxing fitness. It offers 30-minute full-body workouts that change every day! 9Round is fast paced and lots of fun, incorporating kickboxing, boxing and functional training. 9Round is designed for the time-poor modern consumer, with workouts suitable for everyone from the seasoned athlete to those who are new to the gym.

The 9Round difference: workouts that work

Fitness can be a confusing and expensive undertaking for consumers. Knowing where to start by yourself is challenging; paying for a personal trainer is expensive, and you may feel you don’t get the results you want with one (even two) sessions a week. Maybe your gym doesn’t offer enough classes, or the times just aren’t right for you – if only that circuit class started 15 minutes later! These are just some of the reasons why 9Round exists.

The rolling circuit workout has 9x 3-minute stations, and there are no class times – so you can turn up when it suits you and start on any 3-minute station with a trainer to make sure you get maximal results in minimal time. The 30-minute sessions hit that sweet spot of maximum HIIT (high intensity interval training) benefit, without being dauntingly long or taking too much time out of your day. Plus, you can make friends and build a community with people who are sharing the journey with you! Our support is second to none, and we are looking forward to growing the 9Round family in Australia.

Become a part of the 9Round team

Our ideal franchisee is someone who loves fitness and wants to help others on their fitness journey in a fun new way. Previous experience as a personal trainer is helpful for those wanting to be an owner-operator, but we have full training for franchisees no matter how hands-on (or off) they want to be in the day-to-day running of the club. A genuine passion for health is a commonly shared trait among our most successful franchisees.

Ideally, we are looking for owner-operators – not necessarily in a full-time capacity, but driven to be hands-on and connect with their business and corporate head office. They usually check in with their Club Manager at least once a day. Franchisees don’t have to be fitness enthusiasts, but there are many in the franchise network who are.

Some other attributes that 9Round looks for in a potential franchisee include:

  • Previous business experience
  • A passion for changing lives
  • An entrepreneurial spirit
  • Self-motivation
  • Motivated by results
  • Passionate about embracing a global brand and buying into a global franchise system
  • Personal worth of approx. $200K net to meet finance approval

A supportive environment for franchisees

We understand that getting started in business can be daunting, so 9Round takes a hands-on approach to helping new franchisees. Andy Peat, COO, says, ‘From the first enquiry, we encourage you to ask all the questions you can think of – this is your business and we’re here to help take you through the process one step at a time to give you the best possible start. We have the experience, which means you don’t have to know it all already. If you know where you want to be and have the drive to get started, we’ll help you get to know the brand, train you in running the business and finding the trainers, and provide the resources to help you succeed.’

Our experienced property team will hunt down the right sites to fit the business model, and you’ll also have help from our in-house marketing team and systems support from your pre-sale until after you open. No need for guessing – once you are a franchisee with us, you’ll spend a week at Head Office in a workshop-style ‘training camp’ in Brisbane, where we show you the systems and processes to follow which have created global success, before taking you right into our flagship Bowen Hills club to show you how to run a 9Round workout.

To make sure you and your team are on the road to success, once your gym is open you will receive weekly phone calls, monthly webinars and quarterly face-to-face education training sessions. Finally, our annual multi-day Lift Brands Summit provides franchisees with the opportunity to learn from and connect with other franchisees and suppliers through a ‘ONE TEAM’ approach.

The future for 9Round

We opened 10 clubs last year and have cracked 750 clubs globally! Boutique fitness is growing rapidly and this year we are set to open another 24 clubs. We are focused not only on growing our network, but also on making sure all our clubs continue to be highly successful and, above all, that our franchisees are happy!

Join us today!

9Round has expanded nationally across Australia and we now have sites available in all major states. Please contact us directly for up-to-date information on available territories.

Call 0415 345 794