Adelaide Trio Open Inaugural SA Swimart store


Three South Australian businessmen have taken a logical next step and are opening South Australia’s inaugural Swimart pool store – part of Australasia’s largest network of pool and spa specialists. The new store, at Somerton Park, opens on 19 January.

The store’s owners, David Malone, Danny Parks and Steven Buck have been in the swimming pool industry for over 20 years – David and Danny as operators of successful pool building business Daydream Pools, and Steven, owner of Sahara Pools, which specialises in solar heating and pool tiling.

Malone calls the move “a perfect match.”

“Given our experience and skill sets in the pool and spa industry, this was a natural progression. We were looking to expand into retail and wanted to develop the pool/spa servicing side of our business,” he says. “Our research proved that Swimart was a perfect fit for our needs and we liked the idea of being South Australia’s flagship Swimart store.

“We were impressed by Swimart’s professionalism, experience and runs on the board. Everything is properly documented and there are systems in place for everything.”

Chris Fitzmaurice, Swimart’s Australasian manager says the trio’s combined wealth of pool industry knowledge made them the ideal partners to launch with into the Adelaide market.

“We all agreed that there was a gap in the South Australian marketplace for a pool service provider such as Swimart,” Fitzmaurice says. “We plan to concentrate on the Adelaide market and believe there are other areas in Adelaide, particularly in the eastern suburbs, where our business would do well.”

Fitzmaurice says its strategy of independent pool stores joining the Swimart network could well be an opportunity for the South Australian market.

“Recently we have had success around Australia in converting independent pool service businesses into Swimart operations,” he says. “These conversions have delivered increased sales revenues and higher profits to store operators. We believe that our conversion offer may be of interest to some industry players in the Adelaide market.

“Swimart has a good business model which is well systemised, and we provide extensive training, so our main requirements are a positive attitude and a genuine commitment to build a solid business in the pool industry. Other positive attributes include good people skills as well as management experience or skills.”

For the Somerton Park store, the three owners have created a purpose-built store and have already employed four locals to run the new operation, plus they have plans to open a second store in metropolitan Adelaide in October 2013 and employ a further three people.

“We all have great contacts and relationships within the industry so know there is a gap in the market for a really professional, well known brand that delivers what it promises,” Malone explains.

With one million swimming pools in Australia and around 15,000 new pools built every year, pool maintenance is a growing, lucrative market in this country.

“Owning a swimming pool is fast becoming an integral part of outdoor living,” Malone says. “And while owners know that a well-maintained pool and spa adds to the visual appeal of their surroundings – and their property price – they continue to rely on knowledgeable professionals like Swimart to ensure their investment stays in peak condition.”

Swimart Somerton Park will provide an extensive range of affordable pool products, equipment and services, both in store and at customers’ homes.

Swimart Somerton Park is at 41 Oaklands Road – phone: (08) 8295 4463. “We invite pool owners to bring in a sample of their pool water and we will run a computerised analysis on it free of charge. We are also more than happy to visit customers at home to help them with all their pool and spa needs,” Malone adds.