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Advance Fitness launches new franchise concept

Starting out on the back of a successful marketing business within the fitness industry, the founders of Advance Fitness have turned their passion and brand into a 24/7 ‘full facility’ fitness concept. Their aim has been to create ‘gyms with the lot’, providing exciting full-facility gyms comprising world-class strength and cardio training equipment, plus a huge range of exciting group fitness classes. They also offer premium training services including Boot Camp and Personal Training.

‘The goal is to offer a full range of fitness services under one roof … We want to provide a place where the whole family can work on their fitness goals.’ – Clayton Sinclair

What’s the secret to their success? Their streamlined conversion strategy and industry knowledge has enabled the conversion of existing or failing gyms under the Advance Fitness brand name. The business was founded by two experts in their field. Tash and Clayton built the business from the bottom right to the top: with a combined total of 40 years in the fitness industry, they have perfected their gym business model and it’s raring for growth. They have worked tirelessly to grow the Advance Fitness 24/7 gym concept and have refined the brand’s mission into what it is today.

Clayton Sinclair, founder of the franchise business, is excited about their franchise launch. He said, ‘The goal is to offer a full range of fitness services under one roof – with options to suit all budgets and fitness levels. We want to provide a place where the whole family can work on their fitness goals. With more to choose from, members can try new things and keep their training fresh. By maintaining the “fun”, members keep training, keep getting results and keep returning.’

Their aim is to offer a fun, friendly and comfortable place for members to work out – a gym where no one will ever feel judged or intimidated. As part of their initial growth plans, the team partnered with franchise experts DC Strategy to build their foundations and prepare for expansion.

The Advance Fitness Squad have seen solid growth since their first gym opening in 2011. Now with six existing gyms – two in New Zealand and a further four in Australia – they’re ready to expand their footprint and give even more people the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle. They are looking for fit and outgoing people who are enthusiastic about providing outstanding customer service. Franchisees will be expected to work in the business as committed owner-operators and be present in the day-to-day operations.

‘We are firm believers that there is a growing future for full-facility gyms, but main growth will continue to be “groups” or franchises. Current growth trends would suggest that consumers value known brands more than ever. It is our observation that franchise gyms are more attractive to new buyers, as new operators feel more confident with the support.  Therefore, we have taken the next step and established Advance Fitness as a full-facility 24/7 gym franchise system.’


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