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Andersens Champion Environmental Sustainability with Project Green Hitting 300,000 Plantings on National Tree Planting Day

Andersens, Australia’s premier floor covering company, achieved a significant milestone for its environmental initiative, Project Green, by planting the project’s 300,000th tree on National Tree Planting Day yesterday, 30th July 2023.  This incredible milestone was reached in collaboration with the Friends of Lake Apex, a community volunteer organisation based in Queensland’s Lockyer Valley, reinforcing the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Launched in October 2020 by CEO Rowan Hodge, Project Green includes the One Project – One Tree initiative, a forest restoration program that associates every new flooring project with the planting of a new tree.  The voluntary initiative, sponsored entirely by Andersens franchisees, is a global effort and the trees planted contribute to diverse environments, including wetlands, mangroves, forests, mountainous areas, and even fruit tree plantations that support local and indigenous communities.  These plantations often provide sources of paid employment and are usually located in regions affected by disasters.

“In less than three years, we have achieved significant progress towards our goal of environmental sustainability,” stated Rowan Hodge.  “Reaching the 300,000 trees milestone on National Tree Planting Day will be a significant achievement and a clear testament to our unwavering commitment to our shared environment.”

In Australia, Andersens’ franchisees work within their local communities, spreading awareness about the importance of forest restoration and environmental preservation, and building strong networks of eco-conscious consumers.  The initiative has made considerable contributions to several Australian plantations, including Caring for Country WA, Bushfire Recovery, Tropical Australia Reforestation, and the Daintree Rainforest, among others.

The planting program utilised by Andersens is Plant-for-the-Planet, which has the endorsement of the United Nations.  Andersens also holds a prestigious place in the Partner Circle of the Foundations Platform F20, an international network of foundations and philanthropic organisations, underlining the company’s dedication to its environmental goals.  In 2023, Andersens has attained top ranking among global sponsors in the Plant-for-the-Planet program, testifying to its position at the forefront of eco-friendly initiatives

Andersens recognises that while tree planting isn’t always quantifiable for carbon offsetting purposes, it’s a tangible, practical contribution to the environment.  “Tree planting is more than carbon offsetting; it’s about storing carbon, cleaning and oxygenating the air, and protecting waterways, soil, and the diverse flora and fauna,” Hodge adds.

For additional information about Andersens, their commitment to sustainability, and the Project Green initiative, visit  Each tree planted is a step towards a greener future.