Andrew Barton Laundry Equipment – Laundromats Classed as an Essential Service


These are exceptional times and I wake up every day thankful I’m working in an industry that is largely unaffected by the turmoil of the world all around us.

Laundromats have been classed as an essential service in many countries around the world and they continue to remain key to the fight against COVID19.

At Andrew Barton our Managed Laundromat Service includes a full cleaning service and we have spent time ensuring all cleaning staff are fully trained in how to effectively clean laundromats.

In addition, we now have public health and safety posters in all laundromats highlighting guidelines including observing social distancing and outlining the additional cleaning measures in place.

One of the unique aspects of our laundromats is the cashless payment system, not only do we see an increase in revenue over old cash but it’s significantly more hygienic and our customers are much more comfortable knowing there’s no need to use cash or change machines.

We’ve been carefully monitoring the effects of the various levels of lock downs on the revenue of our client’s laundromats and interestingly we’ve noticed in most cases it’s been business as usual with no discernable effect. In some cases, we’ve even noticed an increase, notably where competition has been won from older, coin operated and less hygienic laundromats.

This finding has proved what we set out to do, namely, to help investors build sustainable businesses that disrupt the market with technology, quality and reliability.

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